Has anyone used the OROTON water and stain remover on lv?

  1. or used it at all i think its a good quality product becuse it's sold at a designer shop ,(its and Australian Designer at the equvilant of coach)
  2. Do you work for them???

    Just Kidding
  3. :roflmfao:

    What part is it used for? Linings, leather, canvas?
  4. I haven't tried but I can't think of anything that will remove watermarks other than putting more water on the vachetta to even out the tones. Even then, there's a chance of molding depending on the humidity level you store your bags at. IMO, i'll just let the spots get worst and eventually get the vachetta replaced.
  5. lol im 16 so a designer shop would not yet hire me lol but becuase it has a good name i leaning toward buying the product , but i want to reduce patina as well