Has Anyone Used The Chinese Baby Calendar?

  1. hi!

    i am trying to figure out if using the chinese calendar to conceive if accurate. has anyone ever used it???

    for ex. my bday is in may i am 29 right now. i would like to have a baby girl. what month do you think is best to try for 2007?

    thanks for your help!
  2. This calendar worked for my first two babies but not my last two.

    According to the calendar, it's how old you were when you conceived, and what month you conceived. So...if you want a girl and you're 29 now...you have to conceive in Jan, Mar, or Apr. After your 30th bday, you can conceive in any month of the year except for Nov. and Dec.

    Good Luck!
  3. Wow. I've never heard of anything like that. And I'm Chinese!!

    Gotta go ask my Mom about this :shame:
  4. ^Same here! Does anyone have more information? Just curious.
  5. Thanks for the link... this is interesting info
  6. thanks everyone!! ya its interesting. im just trying to figure it all out. some sites say you have to use your lunar age etc. i dont even know how to find my lunar age. my husband and i are going to try next year and i just wanted to see how it works. we just want a healthy baby so it doesnt matter but if the calendar works, we dont mind a girl just because there are no girls in his family.
  7. According to that, looks like I'm having a girl! :biggrin:
  8. I tried it out for fun during my pregnancy and it just so happened that I had a boy, like it predicted.
  9. Interesting, because I had boy/girl twins! Conceived at 26 in March.
  10. It was correct with my 1st but not with my 2nd daughter.
  11. Yes, I've heard of it and it was spot on with both of my pregnancies!!
  12. yey! after reading your journal i guess the chinese baby calendar was right!!! congrats!
  13. according to that I'm having a boy, but some body better call the guiness book of records cos apparently I'm a boy too.
  14. wow really??? interesting. my sil is preggers too and the calendar got it right as well..she is having a girl.

    btw- are you based in nyc (sorry if not i just thought parkave hehe)? if so, do you have a good obgyn you can recommend. i love mine but her staff is very rude and it takes months for me to get an appointment with her. the dh and i are prepping to TTC soon:yahoo: