Has anyone used the Bodybugg?

  1. I just bought one and my friend bought one (hi, P) and I'm looking for anyone that has used it--what did you think of it? Did it help with your weight loss being more accountable and knowing how many calories you were actually burning per day? TIA for any info you can give me!

  2. I was wondering this too and also, if there are any comparable devices out there?
  3. Actually, I bought one right after I posted this. I LOVE it!!!! It has definitely helped me lose weight. I've lost 30+ pounds since I bought it. I am letting my sister use it for the summer (you can't wear it in the pool, outside with my kids all of the time) and she's worn it for a week and a half and has lost 2.8 pounds already. It teaches you how to learn about calorie defecits in order to lose weight. I also heard that people were using a BioTrainer but my sister looked it up (she can't afford the Bugg) and said it got pretty poor reviews but it might be something to start with.

  4. Mazuha, that is great to hear! I ordered one today through 24 Hour Fitness. It was $100 cheaper than the apex website. Do you still subscribe to the online thing? That is the only thing that sort of sucks...you have to pay the money to do the stuff online. Is it difficult to log all your food?