Has anyone used Paulas Choice skincare?

  1. I just ordered some samples yesterday too. You can get free shipping and 15% off if you go through the link on her Beautypedia site. I hope the products work out for me as well.
  2. thank you for letting me know about her Beautypedia site :smile:
  3. How do you guys order from Beautypedia and get the free shipping with an order under $50.00?
    I'm ordered from Paula's choice and those orders were over $50.00, but I just wanted to get one product and heard that I could off beautypedia.
    Any help would be appreciated - thank you
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    When you go to the Beautypedia site click on "Best Products" at the top. Then there should be a banner ad on the right hand side of the page. There is an orange button that says "shop now". When you click it, a window opens up that says your promo code will be activated. That's what I did. I only ordered about $10 in samples and got free shipping. Not sure if we can post direct links or I would. HTH!
  5. Thank you - your a doll!
  6. *bump*

    Anyone else tried her products? Any thoughts?
  7. I have used her products for years. She has saved me SO much money. Since I don't like shopping online that much, I also purchase items she recommends on her Beautypedia site from the Drugstore (products that are just as good, if not better, than the much more expensive alternatives in Department stores).
    My favorite items from the Paula's Choice line are the toners, BHA9 serum, Antioxidant Serums, and Brightening Serum.
    I love her skin care items, but I'm not much of a fan of her makeup. I do use makeup she recommends from the drugstore.
    The advice in her books, Facebook page, and website are very useful too!
  8. I also love her serums and BHA exfoliators. IMHO, there is nothing else so good at the price point on the market.