Has anyone used 'MyDesignerbag.co.uk?

  1. Hi, i found this site by following a link on eBay. It looks like you can buy membership and 'borrow' authentic bags :shrugs: I just wondered if anyone used this site before or even if the bags are authentic.

    I wouldn't rent a bag, but they are also selling some.

    Might be worthwhile if you cant afford the latest 'IT' bag. But membership is quite hefty. For example, if you want a Fendi spy bag you must have the most expensive membership at £122.00 p/m??.

    MyDesignerBag.co.uk - the best place to rent or buy a designer handbag This is the link.
  2. I agree, i couldn't spend that much money to rent a bag.
  3. :confused1: I'm actually wondering if those bags are real...
  4. Their Fendi Spy bag doesn't look right. The leather isn't the right texture. I wonder if these are photos of the actual bags you will receive? If that's the case, I question the authenticity of their products.
  5. Yeah dont trust this site have u seen the Louis Vuitton bags in their bags for sale section! hmmm
  6. As it happens, I have used the site but as a member. I've signed up for the DD package which is about £65. I have so far taken a Chloe and a Balenciaga and the bags are really good. Nothing to suggest that they are fakes. After reading about the LV's though I must say I got a bit curious so I called them up and they said that LV were the only lot that they couldn't sell cheap coz they can't get them wholesale and actually bought them from Harrods.

    As a member, I must say that I am very satisfied with their service, but I can't really tell you much about the selling bit. They are really good with their customer services though so just give em a call or email them if you're not sure about anything else.