Has anyone used Mulberrys repair service?

  1. Hi I bought a pink Ledbury off eBay which is adorably cute.

    When I received it, however, it was quite dirty. I have used some of my Radley leather polish and it has come up nicely.

    The only other thing that's a little worn is the front brass disc.

    I have emailed Mulberry and they have said for £20 they will change it, which I think is really reasonable. They have given me the address etc......

    However, does it take a long time to do and how do I pay for it etc, will they ring me and I pay for it over the phone or will they invoice me. I would send it Special delivery but do they return it Special?

    Any advice would be much appreciated.
  2. I sent a purse to Mulberry for repair. I sent it recorded and it came back that way. It was a long time ago but I think I paid by cheque. The repair was great but it did take a very long time. I think it was several months.
  3. Thanks Sarajane. I want to use it for my holiday which is in 10 days, so I'll send it after that and then it will be all done in time for my next one in April!!
  4. I sent my rosemary in to be looked a because it had a large mark in the leather at the back. They were really quick to get back to me by email about it (I think it took a day or two) and then replaced the bag for me and sent it by their normal shipping method (think it was ups??) the whole process didnt take very long at all. Maybe a week or so from start to finish - they are very quick in responding to emails.
  5. I have a rosemary and one of the ryvets has come off (only the decorative part with the mulberry tree, which I understand is only glued or pressed onto the leather holding bolt). The bag was still in warranty and I bought it via the official mulberry website - so I am not sure if it may have affected the service, but I enquired about repair, not really wanting to pay that much (international shipping mainly, no mulberry shop here) for a single ryvet - when it can happen again any time. They said they would send me a few spare ryvets and I could have them replaced locally - which they did and I went to a local cobbler and hey presto - job done. Very happy!
  6. I was given a bayswater by my mom and the lock was broken, I handed it in at the local Mulberry shop, they told me it would take 6-8 weeks and might get expensive. It did take 7 weeks but they repaired it for free and no shipping charges for me because it was delivered to a store, gotta love that ;)
  7. I used it for the concertina purse whereby it had a postmans lock on the front and the disc went really really worn v quickly. They didn't repair it and they couldn't replace it as it had sold out but within the week I had a credit note. They are great!
  8. My Roxy came back today with a replaced brass popper- it's had heavy use this year and there was no charge. I had been quoted £ 25 and the whole thing took two weeks. The same thing happened a year ago- different popper- same excellent service.
  9. How did you all get in touch with them? I emailed them about a repair well over a week ago and haven't had any response. I don't live near a store, so I can't just take the bag in. :sad:
  10. If they haven't responded to your e-mail phone customer services and they'll be able to help.:tup: