Has anyone used La Perle?

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  1. Hi! I just wondered if anyone had a brought a bag from La Perle (I clicked on the link on tPF home page) and if it was an authentic? The site is really good but they are selling Marc Jacobs Stams for $680!
  2. Definitely fake. eluxury.com is the only site authorized to sell LV online, and NOBODY is authorized to sell Chanel online.
  3. The Chanel on Bluefly are authentic right?

  4. It's possible; however, I've read on here & other sites of people who bought bags from Bluefly (Chloe Paddy was one), and they were fake. When they returned it, Bluefly relisted it for sale again on their website :confused1:
  5. It's really a coin toss. There have been some fake bbags and chloes. However it seemed like the Chanel bags they had were real. However they upped the price to make it seem like you were getting a better deal on it.
  6. Hmmm.......just don't think I would go to any website for a new unless it is PF approved. It's just too risky. I have my doubts about used bags, too. Maybe I am just not trusting enough...........so I wouldn't go anywhere except what this forum says.