Has anyone used Homepolish for decorating consultation/ideas?

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  1. Here is their site. They are an interior design company that works by the hour.


    I've just requested a consultation because I am struggling with making plans for next steps with our townhouse. Our budget is limiting all my dreams coming true, so I need help in making a plan of what we can/should do first.
  2. I haven't heard of Home Polish before. Sounds similar to Havenly (www.havenly.com).
  3. Oh, yes! I just heard about them too. I will check them out.
  4. How about this company?

  5. I used them to refresh my living room. The designer picked everything out and I just went ahead and implemented her ideas as I could afford them. The only thing I would suggest is to tell your designer exactly what you like and don't like before you see your first suggestions. I strongly dislike tribal/southwest style, and I had to nix a lot of what the designer first showed me. In the end, though, I love the way it turned out.
  6. I used decorist which has a similar concept and the design was cool but the actual furniture was a disaster. Just make sure they pick things you can see in person would be my recommendation. Also, I don't think virtual design works that well since usually they are just picking off a website and haven't actually seen the item themselves or say in it, etc.
  7. Lori, would you share pics please?
  8. Homepolish would looks great. I don't have a much knowledge about it but have searched a bit about that.