Has anyone used EnviroTex Lite to preserve their CL soles?

I just bought a box of EnviroTex Lite at Michael's, which is a clear, waterproof/alcohol proof, high gloss finish that you mix and either pour or brush on to almost any surface that you want to "preserve and beautify" (including fabric, paper, photos, wood, painted surfaces, dried flowers, bread dough, wood, decals, styrofoam, transfers, plaster, etc.) According to the box, one coat of it equals up to 50 coats of varnish. It contains epoxy resin and polyamine hardener, so it dries hard. As such, I thought this would work at preserving the soft CL soles.

I thought this would work at saving my CL's...has anyone tried this or does anyone know of some better ways other than getting vibram rubber soles added each time? I tried search this forum for solutions, and at least from my research, it seems like there really isn't much one can do to save the beautiful red other than finding a cobbler who can install red rubber soles. Plus, I find that red Vibram soles can begin to add up (money wise), and as if my CLs haven't already.

What do you girls think? Anyone tried this or something similar?


Jan 5, 2006
I haven't tried it, but please be careful in case it makes the soles more slippery. :flowers:
There are a few threads that explores the different options of how to best preserve the sole, if you do a search. :flowers: