Has anyone used dye to fix their bags? My Hogan needs help!

  1. So I have a Hogan weekender in bright pink, and it's in pretty bag shape. I just cleaned off the dirt today, but I noticed the color had rubbed off in several places.

    I looked into that Margaret's place, but the price quote was $140. :push:

    I don't really have the money for that right now. Has anyone tried to DIY? I figure it I mess it up, I can just wait and send it to Margaret's when I do have the cash...

    If you have, can you let me know brands/tips/etc?

  2. well, I have - but it was suede, and here they don't sell suede dye - you can only use Lederschwaerze to turn it black. also leather dye places will refuse to dye suede here because it is so unpredictable.

    so I can't recommend brands or anything, but on usual leather it should be better. having said that I recommend to go to a professional bec if it is a bad job you can't even sell it....

    why don't you tie a long scarf around the handle which will cover the area - or customise it like the current chanel bags with brooches? (there the trouble is only the holes in the leather...), and wait until you have the money to get it done properly?
  3. Boy, I would not do a dye job myself, you could ruin it completely with no hope of repair.

    I love the scarf idea until you get the money for a professional.