Has anyone used Apple products on a leather jacket?

  1. I've used apple products on all my leather bags with great results but I was wondering if anyone has used Apple products on leather jackets before especially lambskin? Or is there a better way to treat a leather jacket?
  2. I haven't used Apple products but we restored dh's Les Copains leather jacket with Leather CPR. It's a nice smooth cleaner/conditioner lotion that is easy to spread and work with. His jacket was just stiff, not cracking but dry enough to be uncomfortable to wear. I also use Leather CPR on my Chanel and Marc Jacobs, also the handles of LV vachetta, so it is pretty safe. I use the inverted squeeze bottle (I guess they use this for saddles in stables) so it is the cleaner/conditioner in one.

    Another product is Leather Honey (or Honey Leather?), it's very viscous, literally like honey and you'll have to be careful using this... a bit messy and will probably "ooze" if used too liberally. Probably best for rejuvenating the most dry leather jacket there is (cracks forming, etc). It requires a small amount to saturate the leather for about 2 hours or more before wiping.
  3. Never heard of those products. I've always been an Apple fan and never considered any other products out there. The leather is lambskin and brand new and I want to pre-treat. I'm not worried about applying the Apple conditioner just the Apple garde spray. Or I wonder if I should just leave the jacket as is I'm terrified of ruining it even in a little spot -_-
  4. Is your jacket a light color?
    If it's black I wouldn't bother.