Has anyone used Apple Guard spray on a Mulberry Bag with Darwin Leather?

  1. I just bought a tooled Bayswater Mulberry (at Bergdorf Goodman for $359 on sale from $1,195 ----- WooHoo!!! :yahoo: ). But I digress.... Mulberry only recommends using Collonil Waterstop, but I'm wondering whether Apple Guard water protection spray will work just as well (and still not change the color of the leather). Has anyone tried it? I'd also be curious to know whether anyone has used Apple Guard conditioner on a Mulberry.
  2. What color? Good score!! I got mine on sale too- Mulberry prices are pretty steep.

    I'm interested to see if anyone thinks that product is different in formulation from the Apple product. I used their Leather Care on mine but I'm not sure if I should go over that with Apple Garde or not. I'm tempted to try it in which case I'll report back.

    Enjoy the new bag!
  3. I bought the oak (with a darker brown in the tooling). What color did you get? It's heavy, but I think it will be a great work bag.

    You used the Apple Leather Care in your bag? How did that turn out? The Apple Guard website says that it won't change the color, and I know a lot people use the Apple Care and Apple Guard on the Balenciagas (I haven't had the courage to use it on mine yet), but the Bal bags are treated, whereas, the Mulberry is not. That's sort of why I was a bit worried. I think it should be fine, but I wondered why Mulberry specifically recommended the other product.

    If you hear anything, let me know -- I'll do the same! Enjoy your bag!