HAs anyone tried Zumba?

  1. Hi

    I have been doing this exercise class called Zumba at my local gym-- let me tell you I absolutely love it . It is such a great workout -- like dancing to latin music -- doesnt even feel like exercise but oh boy you do work out a sweat. I am addicted to it.

  2. No, but it sure sounds like a lot of fun:smile:
  3. That sounds awesome- what gym do you go to?
  4. Never heard of it, but I think it would be something I'd love!
  5. Never heard of it too, my gym doesnt have it.. only latin dance, perhaps it's similar.. no?
  6. I have the DVD's

    It really is addicting, and alot of fun!
  7. They offer classes at my gym for a fee and it is FUN!!! It's dancy but the moves are really easy to learn......I had a blast!!!

  8. Dancing is always a blast for me... I am sure in Florida there are classes. I will have to look when we move back down there!