Has anyone tried Waproo Water-Proofer???

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  1. I have just purchased (in Australia) a can of Waproo Water-Proofer spray to treat the vachetta handles on my new Batignolles Horizontal - took it away on holidays and got some marks on it, which I was able to remove without too much trouble, but thought I would give the spray a go? Has anyone had any experience with this product?
  2. I waterproof leather like crazy (not that you need to in Melbourne these days) :sad:
    I know I've used it before, but just went to check and I find I have Rockport Defender, Tuxan Water Repellent and Kiwi Protect All ... anything but Waproo. :lol: Which probably means I've used up the Waproo because I liked it better than the others, can't remember why tho! I also have Waproo Super Leather and several of their renovating polishes - as far as I know it's a good reliable brand.
  3. Thanks for all that info, not much rain in Sydney either, but I've been on hols to NZ - which is a whole different story.
  4. I am so afraid to use anything like this on any of my bags....
  5. Well yes, me too, I should have clarified that in my prev post. I've waterproofed every shoe I've ever known and heaps of bags, but I only have two LVs so far and one's epi and doesn't need it, the other's the Manhattan and I could do the handles but haven't.
    I've read umpteen threads about waterproofing vachetta and it sounds pretty safe, but there was one story about handles drying up patchy in colour (think it was using Apple Garde), which is a bit worrying. I think darkening of the leather would be my main concern, because I like the look of the new leather.

    At least the BH has the straps on the sides, so you could spray just a tiny patch on the back of one strap behind the buckle and wait to see if it darkened, how much, and whether you did or didn't like the look of it before you went any further. There's nowhere like that on the Manhattan PM where you could do a little test spray, so I hesitate to do anything ... although in my experience, the shoe or bag or whatever usually dries up exactly the same colour it was before. I think I've had two items dry up darker - tan suede shoes which dried up much darker, and a taupe suede bag which dried up just a fraction darker. But I'm pretty sure I've never had it happen with a smooth leather finish.
  6. I've used the nine west waterproofer (by waproo), and it's amazing. it doesn't change the vachetta colour at all. i was drenched in the rain yesterday, and the water just beaded off my bag.