Has anyone tried to order the Tattersall tote yet?

  1. Or any of the new Tattersall items?

    I'm saving my PCE in hopes that I might be able to order it before the 24th.
  2. From what I have read here on the forum - you should be able to order the tote now (after feb 19) from JAX. Try calling them to see if they have anything available to ship
  3. I tried calling and they said its not availble yet?? whats the style #?
  4. The Tote was in my Coach store today
  5. Only the small one is available for order now, but the others are not yet available. May 1 is the projected date for these, but my SA said probably would be much earlier than that. I'm not sure what the style number is for that because I had inquired about the large satchel.
  6. if what I saw was the small one the large must hold a small child. This one was pretty big.
  7. Are you talking about the regular Tattersall they have had for a little while now or the new coacted canvas one?
    This is the one that's at the store right now that I saw...(not coated)

    This is the one that isn't out yet, but is coated:

    I cannot WAIT for the coated ones..... :yahoo:
  8. Do you happen to know the dimensions for the small? Are they going to be the same measurements as the Heritage Stripe totes? That would be my guess...
    And, did you ask the price for the small? Thanks!!!! :smile:
  9. Yeah, I meant the new coated canvas ones in the Heritage line.

    Is there really going to be an XL Satchel?
  10. There is going to be luggage and a "carry on" size satchel. Way too big for a purse IMO.
    Two sizes in the tote and the smaller satchel/purse size.
  11. I saw the mack-daddy tattersal tote today at my Coach Store!!
  12. The carry on size? What does is look like? Is it too big to be a purse?
  13. Yes...too big to be a purse. (for me anyway...and I :heart:big bags) I would say it's too big to put a small dog in too.:p
  14. :lol: Thanks, I kind of thought it would be, but I didn't see it in person! I wish it was coming in the XL satchel like the Heritage stripe.
  15. I think I am going to have to go off my bag ban to buy this:[​IMG]Does anyone know the price? I've been purposefully outta the loop for a while....it helps with the desire to buy more if I stay away....but this I have to get.