Has anyone tried to clean Toron handles of LV Pallas Noir?

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  1. Hi - I tried to clean one of the Toron handles on my new-to-me pre-loved Pallas Noir with Apple Garde cleaner. Has anyone else tried? The very tops seem darker and almost too soft, like someone carried the bag after using lotion on their hands. It doesn't look terrible, but I think they could be cleaner. In trying to clean a portion of one handle, I'm concerned about a few things:

    It looks like the color is coming off on the white cloth I used. Is this normal? Could it just be soil? Seems like it shouldn't be the same color.

    Should Toron even be cleaned, since it's treated?

    Should I be careful to avoid the stitching on the handles? Will it change the color of the stitching? (My guess is yes).

    I will post a couple of photos here - before I tried to clean.

    Thanks! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459828108.485823.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459828153.690160.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459828171.209224.jpg
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  3. The stitching should be fine as long as you only use a WHITE! cloth and DISTILLED WATER ONLY to clean the handles. Just wash them. It should be good. I'm not sure though so maybe more opinions?

  4. If you really used the AG cleaner, and not the gentle AG Leather Care product, you may well have messed up the finish. The cleaner is much harsher and is designed to lift off stains. Bring it into LV and get advice.

  5. Thanks, but the color coming off will not stain the stitching? I did not know about distilled water. It was recommended to me to use Apple Garde cleaner.
  6. Who recommended this to you?
  7. Use a different cloth. I'm not sure why the colors would still be bleeding. And I think the thread should be fine... Louis Vuitton usually waxes the thread before they use it.

  8. I've only tried to clean one section of one handle. Unfortunately I purchased this from an individual who did not have the original receipt, so not sure if LV will help me. (I had the bag authenticated here, and I did my research before that). The handle looks fine this morning, but the color transfer on the white cloth worried me. So Apple Garde is not recommended?

  9. A TPF member on the Pallas club thread.
  10. You quoted the wrong person :smile:

  11. A TPF member on the Pallas club thread.

  12. I know. I'm still fairly new. Ha - sorry
  13. It's okay! :P Welcome to the Purse Forum!

  14. Thank you! I still have so much to learn. I've had a small LV Danube for years with no issues. I thought I was doing the right thing to try to clean my new (to me) bag. :/
  15. Awe don't worry it'll be okay. I know this is probably no consolation especially after you just bought the bag but at least you'll be able to get the handles replaced on the bag as a last resort if nothing else works!