Has anyone tried the new caress soaps/body washes?

  1. They smell really good the new soap and body wash. It is fairytaled themed one is Moroccan and the other is Japanese. They have the the spicy smells and they are wonderful in the shower. Also the leave the bathroom smelling wonderful.
  2. I have. They had a special at Target 3 weeks ago, buy 2 get one free. I got the body wash in the 2 fragrances. It leaves your skin sooooooo soft. I use it for shaving also. You don't need lotion afterwards.
  3. yes and i love them! i got a bath set for xmas and it came w/lotion you put on in the shower and rinse off. have yet to see it in the store though??
  4. check Target or Walmart.

  5. I love the lotion for the shower. Bath and body works also have a similar product. They work so well. I agree with HubbaWubba, check target or walmart. Both places usually has the lotion.
  6. I bought the Japanese one. I love it. It's a little "spicy". I've been wearing Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Splash from B&BW lately and it smells like that!

    Hottgrl... I bought mine at the grocery store, of all places :yes: try yours!
  7. ^^^ I think I may try the Japanese body wash with my cherry blossom stuff from bath and body works, that is a great idea. What I want to know is how come they have the moroccan soap but not Japanese soap? Has anyone seen the Japanese soap?
  8. I have the body washes but not the lotions.
  9. I *heart* the morroccan. when I use it, I also wear pink pepper pefume oil from the body shop! SOOO spicy!
  10. If anyone is interested, go to their website for a free sample of the fairytales soaps/body washes


    also, they have fairytales read by kate welsh is you are are ever bored.
  11. I haven't seen the japanese bar soap but I have the morrocan bar soap.
  12. They smell sooooooooo good, i love them !

  13. For whatever reason, they don't make a Japanese soap:tdown:. I wonder why they don't make that one into a soap as well. I love the body washes and if you check out target, they have caress gift sets too. :tup:
  14. Yes I have, I love them....they smell so good
  15. That sux! I got mine from Super HEB.