Has anyone tried the Joey Junior? Like pursket

  1. wow....I think I actually like this better than Purseket....I like the colors that are available...the Purseket patterns are not that attractive...I got a red one but that's the only one I like. Hopefully the shipping won't be as bad as Purseket!! ;)
  2. I like how the mini purse organizer stands up by itself. Sometimes my smallest purseket (the drop in) falls over in the bag.
  3. I've never seen these before....Has anyone ever used anything like this in a Fendi Spy?
  4. woooow!!!
  5. i like how the mini stands up on it's own
  6. Very Cute.. I already have 3 pursekets though.. If one of them wears out, I can check these out...
  7. Does it talk about the sizes of these things?
  8. [​IMG]


    thats all the choice you have.

    the 7 pocket I believe is the same size as the large purseket.
  9. ^^ Sorry this joey organizer is the same as the MEDIUM purseket.
    [​IMG] Joey


    view medium Medium 5" x 26"
    6 pockets
    Fits average purse with
    11" min opening x 6" depth

    Price: $20.00
  10. I was just about to purchase a purseket for my Speedy handbag but after I saw the Joey Junior Mini Purse Organizer I totally change my mind. There's only 4 pockets compare to 7 but that's good enough for me.
  11. I like the way it looks. I am going to order one.
  12. While I like the organizational aspects of the Joey Junior and Pursekets, I've ended up using a Vera Bradley large cosmetics case to switch between purses. I know a lot of people on the forum hate Vera Bradley, but I like that the case is waterproof on the inside and I can just pick up the entire thing from one bag to another in seconds. I also like the various patterns you can choose too.
  13. That looks like something you could make rather easily though, doesn't it? I mean, if you have a sewing machine, at least.
  14. I ordered the regular and the mini--I will give a report once I get them in the mail.