Has anyone tried the Eminence skin care line?

  1. I just purchased some new organic products made in Hungary. The smell fantastic. I got the nasberry creme and the stonecrop masque. I alsp purchased the tinted powder foundation that has spf 30.
    Anyone have any ideas of other products to purchase??
  2. I bought their Stone Crop hydrating gel and the stuff is absolutely awesome! Great moisturizing with anti-aging. It goes right into the skin! It is better than anything else I've used and it is perfect for warm weather when you don't want to feel greasy or heavy or anything like that.
  3. I want some Cinnamon and Paprika body lotion ...can't find it in Seattle.
  4. i've been using their products for the past 2 years. totally loves it. i also use serums. also, i love their sugar plum masque. it makes my skin really smooth and everything. i don't wear any foundation when i go out at night. i think my skin looks okay, probablly more than okay(look at my picture on the left), LOL.
  5. there's a spa in skagit valley that sells it. you can order products from them online too.
  6. Thanks for the idea happyme...I will try to find the name and give them a call.