Has anyone tried the CleanseLight ?

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  1. I was watching Dr.Phil today and he was talking about diseases, viruses, and bacteria..and he mentioned this amazing product.

    It's called a Cleanselight and it kills 99.999% of fungi, bacteria, virus, and dust mites on tableware, toothbrushes, beds, office supplies, bathrooms, toliets, children's toys, children and pet enviroments, telephones, clothing, remote controls, cutting boards, shopping carts, doorknobs, shoes, linens, and contact lense cases.

    The thing itself uses UV light to clean and disinfect products and it's super easy to use.


    Has anyone tried it ?

    I think it'd be amazing for those of us who travel often because you can kill germs on hotel room beds...which I've always hated because you never know what's on those bed linens.
  2. Honestly, the less bacteria/viruses we expose our bodies to, the less our immune system is prepared to fight off serious infection...but thats just me ;)
  3. Doesn't bother me. I work in a hospital so pick up all kinds of bugs from patients..
  4. Yup, I also work in a hospital and am an anti-germ-phobe on top of it. It sounds like a marketing gimmick to me anyway... it's not like you can personally prove that it's working one way or another.
  5. I completely agree! ...I seem to agree with prettym uch everything you say, rofl
  6. There area actually many articles out there that support the idea that multiresistant bacteria are becoming more common because we are trying to kill every last bug out there. Our bodies do a pretty good job with natural barriers.

    Just use common sense, wash your hands, and don't lick the doorknob. Most of the time you'll be fine.
  7. Well $hit!! :sad: