Has anyone tried the boots No 7anti-aging cream?

  1. I first heard of this last Saturday while watching the news. They say it actually works to decrease wrinkles. Has anyone tried it yet? It is selling like crazy in the UK.
  2. my local news station just did a report on this tonite! i missed it but they were promoting it by saying that when they first aired the segment they were flooded with requests on where to buy it. i googled it and it - but is it available anywhere in the states?
  3. I found it at target. Thought about going back and buying more to sell on eBay.
  4. That's exactly what my SO and I were joking about this Sunday! Said we should ask his brother (who lives in Texas) to buy all they have and then bring it to us for reselling LOL. I don't have wrinkles yet so I haven't tried it, but I might make my mum my guinea pig hehe
  5. How much is it?
  6. ^^ £16.75,

    I have been using it for four weeks and went to visit my mother at the weekend who remarked 'your forehead isn't as wrinkly' so I guess it is good!

    My skin does look better and I willl continue to use it!

    It is called Protect and Perfect here in the UK but I 'think' it is called restore and renew in the US.
  7. ^^ Thanks, glad to hear it works for you!
  8. It is only $19.99 her in the US. I've only seen it at target. I don't have many wrinkles, but you can never start too early.
  9. Yes, I was reading the new issue of Glamour and saw an ad for Boots at Target. I had never heard of the line until reading about it in this forum.
  10. So, what is the connection between Boots and Target then? :shrugs:
  11. They are selling Boots No. 7 cosmetics and beauty products at Target.
  12. I went yesterday during lunch hour to Target and the No. 7 cream I wanted was sold out but had lots of other boots products.
  13. Had a sample, used it and can't say it made a difference, perhaps I haven't used it for long enough yet. It's sold out everywhere in the UK at the moment, ohh the hype, queues everywhere when Boots got some stock last week.
  14. Hi Ladies-

    I heard about this stuff on the news a couple of weeks ago, and I just checked Target.com. They're on back order for 2-6 weeks, but I ordered 7 of them. I figue if they're that great I'll just keep all of them, and if it's not all it's cracked up to be I'll sell them or give them away as gifts!
  15. They do say you need to be using it for 4 weeks to see any difference.I am on my 2nd week my skin feels smooth but don't think it's had any effect on the wrinkles yet.