Has Anyone Tried The Best Life Diet By Bob Greene?

  1. just curious
  2. I have not heard of it either... what does it involve?
  3. Selena and I both went out a bought right after Oprah had him on her show a month ago...basically in a nut shell...its a very balanced reasonable diet....healthy!
  4. There must have been a thread about this before I think....

    If Sunshine says it is balanced and reasonable, than it is!

    Any 'diet' that is more of a lifestyle is the best approach- if this entails eating 5-6 small meals a day with well-balanced foods and whole grains, then you are good to go!
  5. The thread is a little old, but I just started reading the book and I like how it addresses the 'why' you eat. Weight loss is so much more about food...