Has anyone tried Simply Sleep?

  1. I'm getting on a plane tomorrow for a 10-hour flight and don't want to be useless the next day. I have never in my life been able to sleep on a plane, even doze. So not only is the flight terminally boring, but I always have a feeling of impending doom and am starting to be a slightly anxious flyer. Someone recommended Simply Sleep from Tylenol- but I'm nervous about hangover/side effects/not being able to wake up. Can anyone share experiences or recommendations for what to possibly take on a plane? I can't take Pseudoephedrine...so no Benadryl, etc...
  2. I've taken it for occasional insomnia. Normal adult dosage is 2 pills and I only take 1. It makes me feel drowsy but it doesn't knock me out. If I'm in bed for less than 7 hours, I feel very drowsy the next morning and it takes me a lot longer to get going. I took 2 pills once and I felt extremely drowsy the next morning, even though I was in bed for 8 hours. I've not experienced difficulty waking up, just drowsiness.

    If you want to sleep on the plane, take the pill(s) right away because you'll be drowsy unless you have 7 or 8 hours to sleep.
  3. I've taken it before. I take two pills. It's weird because sometimes I knock out within 1 hour, but sometimes it actually takes me 3-4~

    However, if it is your first time, I'm sure you will knock out quickly. However, even though you sleep well for about 7-8 hours, you sort of feel drowsy for almost the whole day.
  4. If you can get to a doctor, see if he can give you some Ambien...or Xanax. The former will make you sleep (you will drop like a fly) and the latter will make you sleepy and less anxious. I'm taking my first flight EVER in about a week, and I get sick whenever I think about it. Luckily I already have my Xanax, but it was WORK trying to convince my psychiatrist to give me the Rx. Failing that, yes, I agree with an above poster: take two Simply Sleep. One does nothing for me. It's like a Tic Tac.

    Good luck!
  5. i've used xanax when i flew to colombia (5 hours) i woke up like 30mins before we landed. it really calms you. i'm afraid of flying so i can understanding your fears of impending doom so take what you can get.
  6. I use it and I get a good nights sleep for sure. You might feel a bit relaxed when you wake up (especially if your using it for the first time) but once your up you can certainly function.