Has anyone tried Sass + Bide jeans before?


Sass + Bide Jeans

  1. run tighter than average

  2. run looser than average

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  1. I have skinny thighs-

    For those of you who've tried Sass+Bide jeans before, are they a tight fit, or a looser fit?

    I'm looking for jeans that run a bit small in the thigh area and a pair of Sass + Bide jeans caught my fancy. Before buying them I was hoping I could get some input.

    Thank you!!
  2. I am not a fan of S&B jeans..I have tried many of their styles but none of them is flattering..
    From my opinion, their jeans only fits certain figure/shapes..and wayyyy too overpriced for an item Made in China :tdown:
    Sorry, not much help here..
  3. ^ I agree - everybody raves about them and I have never tried on a pair that was even remotely flattering...

    they don't run large, that's for sure, but the ones I've tried on always fit in the waist/hips, yet are a bit roomy in the thigh. I'm fairly small all over and I usually get that equestrian/dressage look, where the thigh flares out a little bit LOL

    If you're after a pair that runs tight in the thigh, I wouldn't go for s&b! hope that helps!
  4. My too, I tried many different brand skinny jeans. and TR johnny fits my the best. :smile:
  5. S&B usually run true to size but their skinny jean, aka Frayed misfits, are fitted but definitely not super tight. They fit me well, I've found better brands. They used to be made in Australia and were are much better fit, and so ok in price. The designs now are very blah, and I've yet to buy another pair.

    If you want great jeans, I recommend Tsubi/Ksubi! They are made in Australia. The cut and style are unique, and I love the fit!
  6. I've had 4 pairs of Sass & Bide over the years... I would say they run tts, maybe leaning towards being loose.

    I agree with leanbeanee about tsubi ... I much prefer their jeans (I'm not suprised leanbeanee would prefer tsubi!!)
  7. I agree that most style of S&B Jeans are not that flattering.Quality wise,not the best either. However their frayed misfits are one of my favorite jeans ever:tup:, I love the cutting on this pair of jeans:love:,really flatters my figure. Plus they run tts ( I am a 23 in J Brand and TR cutting is too big for me!). In my opinion, frayed misfits does not flatter pear shaped that much. Also bear in mind that this cutting is more of a straight cut, as in I am able to fit my high heels:sweatdrop:.

  8. Haha! Someone noticed my name! :nuts: Yep, I named myself after a pair of jeans...sad, no?
  9. No flies on me ;)

    (name is cute, not strange at all!!)
  10. ^ LOL! Thanks bern!
  11. :smile::smile::smile:
  12. i have two pairs of sass & bide jeans in smokey gitane. i think they are great, probably my favourite jeans so far. :tup: the size fits true too.
    and just for the record, after reading the thread, i went to my check my jeans and it states made in turkey.

    but now, i wanna go check out some tsubi though but their sizings are so irregular