Has anyone tried Rodan + Fields products?

  1. Has anyone heard about the rodan and fields exfoliator ? Im trying to look for reviews online and I cant find much.. Has anyone tried it?
  2. Bump..anyone?
  3. Hi, are you asking about the new macro e machine? If so ... I have used it 2x so far and am really impressed. It was very easy to use ... and afterwards... the gunk... dead skin cells ... lets just say yuck! I was VERY surprised cause I'm a skin care junkie and exfoliate, do masks, use good products and I couldn't believe what was in the filter! And the way your skin feels afterwards... soft...very, very soft! I was so impressed ... I actually just became a consultant today! If you have any questions, just post or pm and I will do everything I can to get the info you want.
    I know they have sold out much quicker than they anticipated ... I think they are still doing a promo that you can order it at a reduced price and I believe they will ship towards the end of the month.
    I will pm you a couple of links ... don't know if I can post them in the message. No pressure ... it's just mine so its easy to find. HTH!
  4. Rodan + Fields, are the dermatologist creators of Proactiv and they have a new line of skin care. Has anyone tried? I've seen some great before & after pics on Instagram and Facebook, but I would like a little more feedback.
  5. The only product of their new line I have used is the Unblemish Oil Control Lotion with SPF 20. It is nice enough as a daily moisturizer with SPF and worked at keeping my oily t-zone in check but I did not find that it was working well at preventing my acne flare ups. But the hefty price tag of $28 for a 1 fl.oz. tube made me decide to look for something else.
  6. I have been using the Unblemished line for a week now (wash, toner, treatment, and lotion) At first you just use it every other day, then the next week you use it everyday, then a week later you can start using it twice a day if needed. Since I wasn't having a problem with it I started using it everyday since Friday and now on Wednesday I can tell a difference! My blackheads and pores are disappearing, my acne scars and dark marks are fading a bit. My skin looks much healthier! Plus I started using it 4 days before my period and didn't get one pimple during my period! Usually I break out super bad! I can't wait to see what my skin looks like in another few weeks! It is a bit pricey but the girl I bought it from said it it suppose to last 2 months but she is going on three with her current bottles. I am going to just use it up and see how my skin is doing but so far so good.
  7. I use the Soothe regimen and love it! My skin is so silky smooth that it unreal. It is much healthier as well - I don't even get "monthly" acne anymore.

    I did try the Redefine before I switched to Soothe and had a terrible allergic reaction. I sent it back and got a full refund no problem.

    So, yes. I use and recommend.
  8. I went ahead and purchased the Redefine line. I'm noticing my pores getting smaller and my face feels much lighter (does that make sense?)

  9. I did purchase the Soothe Sensitive Skin Treatment to use after the Micro-dermbrasion paste for these bumps I get on my arms and it's clearing it up and also is very cooling after a day in the sun! I am loving it...
  10. So crazy, I JUST ordered the macro-e yesterday. I have a friend that sells it. She raves about it and her skin looks amazing. I mean, she has less fine lines than I do and she's 42 compared to my 33! Also planning to have dh use too. They had a really good discount if you bought the redefine with the tool, but I had to limit just to the tool. Too many handbag purchases this month. Ha!
  11. I purchased the redefine with the tool as well! My chest area is so sensitive to it, so the cooling gel definitely helps! Have you seen the before/after pics of someone that used the tool on their stretch marks? It's amazing!
  12. No! I've seen b&a's of lines, which is what sold me on it, but no stretch marks! I'm going to look up!
    I used it once so far and a couple days later my dh told me my skin looked nice. I had to ask him to repeat himself. ;)
  13. Hello....I am just curious if anyone has ever tried Rodan & Fields skincare line?.....They seem to have consultants selling it similar to Avon....a girl I work with started selling it and claims it is amazing. It is over $200 for the set so I would like to hear other reviews before I commit.

    Thanks in advance!
  14. Hi! I used it for about 6 months and when I saw my sister next, she asked what I had "done". :graucho:
    That was pretty good feedback. ha!

    Then I decided to try Nerium because a good friend was selling that too. I used it for about three months and my skin doesn't seem to like it so much, so I'm going back to R&F. I use the macro E and the amp MD.

    Also! When I ran out of cooling gels for the macro, I just started using coconut oil instead. Totally does the trick for me. :smile:
  15. Anyone here (in 2018) doing R&F? I just bought Reverse secondhand (sealed in package), and am curious if anyone has done a side by side with other skincare routines. I see before and afters of the R&F users but I wonder if anyone using decent skincare products for the first time would see similar results.