Has anyone tried no!no! hair removal?

  1. I just saw this device at Sephora, has anyone tried it:


    What it is:
    A revolutionary new concept in hair removal, suitable for all hair types and skin colors.

    What it does:
    Achieve hair density reduction at home, with no mess, no cuts, no burns, and no noise. No!no! is based on an exciting new technology called Thermicon™, which uses the scientific principles of thermal transference to conduct a gentle pulse of heat to the hair. It features a unique innovation: a thermodynamic wire to transmit the heat to the hair. This patented wire and built-in safety mechanisms has allowed for the adaptation of professional hair removal technology into a home use product.

    What else you need to know:
    With a no!no! treatment there's no pain, you don't have to wait for hair to grow long in order to remove it, and there is no skin irritation like in-grown hairs, red pimples, or rashes to cover up. Remember no!no! is a treatment process for hair reduction and not a miracle cure for unwanted hair. Like any professional hair treatment, it takes time and dedication to achieve your desired results. The same holds true for the revolutionary no!no! hair removal system; with all the right moves, stubble-free, super smooth skin will be yours. Be sure to follow the directions closely for the safest, most effective results. No!no! is not recommended for use on the

    Everything you need to get started with no!no! is here: 3 short blades, 2 long blades, a storage bag, small brush to clean the no!no! device, a charger, and one buffer.
  2. no but i had a lengthy conversation with a Sephora SA that said people with sensitive skin should stay away. It's way too pricey to be experimenting with IMO
  3. ^ Just when I thought I found an alternative to waxing...
  4. I have read somewhere that no!no! is actually old news in Brazil and Mexico. There must be a PFer out there that knows anything about this :yes:

    I am so curious about this as well!
  5. if I wasn't pg I would totally experiment. I get the worst razor bumps and hate waxing. Lately I've been relying on Veet but I can't stand the smell anymore :sad:
  6. Update...

    I volunteered my mom (;)) to try this out and she loved it. It's pricey but she says it's worth it. She used it a week ago with no irritation whatsoever and she says the hair was a lil slower growing back in.

    My mom has sensitive skin and is prone to razor bump scarring.

  7. Thanks, h_c! Bumping this to see if anyone else has tried this product.
  8. I just ordered one today...once I start using it, I'll add in my input here!
  9. Thanks for the reminder I need to go No No now. I have been using it for about a month. I don't know how long it takes for extensive results to happen.

    I will forewarn it is time consuming and really a hair density tool more than a straight removal tool. I can get away with not shaving my legs up here in Michigan and no SO so I just use this. Your legs probably arent going to be supersmooth with this, or maybe I just need to buff and exfoliate better?