Has anyone tried L'Oreal Color Pulse dye?

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  1. Has anyone tried L'Oreal Color Pulse dye? I want to do something different with my hair, and go dark again (temporarily this time). The downside is being blonde, I don't know what results I'll get. I read somewhere that you're supposed to go some shade of red and then black to get the color to hold, but I don't want to do all that just for temporary color. So for those of you who have tried Color Pulse, what results did you get and what's your natural hair color? Does the color fade away and look weird? I've never used a temporary dye before...
  2. I just tried it last week because I wanted to see how a red shade would look on me, it says it lasts 8-10 shampoos and it looked really great I think.

    I have dark blond hair and went for the copper blast, it gave me a darkish red. My hair has natural tones so I think it looked pretty good, I'll try to get a photo up here since I took a few. Also I'm watching how it'll fade, it looks a bit lighter now, I think the dark blond is showing a bit. It's been 4 days I think.

    I also purchased the ginger rush, I'm going to try that next once this one comes out, it's also a redish tone, just want to see if there is a difference.

    I think it's really fun, no ammonia and it goes on so nicely, it's in a little bottle and if you have hair like mine, thin and just a bit below the shoulder it should cover it all with one bottle, the thick mousse covers well and is so easy to do. My boyfriend actually put it in for me (he did such a great job :tup: )

    He also read up a bit on the product before we did it and he said if I lathered it nicely with warm water before rinsing it out it made the colour "stick" and we did that for a bit and it turned out really pretty.
  3. OMG I did the red-violet one. Not sure what it was called, but it was a cool red. It lasted FOREVER. I thought it would be gone within a week or two, especially because it was red and red fades fast. No such luck. I washed my hair every day, but it lasted a couple months. The color was fugly :Push:
  4. Oh that's the first time I hear that. Mine is fading already, but I'll keep an eye on it and see how long it'll last for.
  5. ^There's a guy around here who does amazing color repair. I went to him to after a couple weeks to ask if he could fix it. He was SHOCKED that my hair had that reaction to it. He said he'd never seen anything like it from temporary dye. He convinced me to not dye over it and just wait it out. He put a chocolate brown glaze on it to make it look better, but it was about 2 months before the red was completely gone. There used to be a similar product called Glintz and it did the same thing to me . For some reason my hair just takes red dye really well (too well)...
  6. I did it about five times a couple years ago when it first came out...the color was always looked great but it took a few months each time to wash out. So advantages and disadvantages.
  7. From dark blond to reddish, this is how it looked on day 2. Pretty nice. Almost fadded out completely now.. Going to try ginger rush or apricot shake next.

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  8. ^ That looks awesome! :tup:
  9. ohhhhhhhhhhh, very pretty color. nice hair too!
    where do you find this product? beauty supply stores?
  10. The drug store, or walmart :smile: