Has anyone tried Johnathan Product?

  1. Someone posted about Jonathan awhile back. They said they loved it. It's in the Beauty Bar somewhere. Do a search. I can't remember the thread. Sorry.
  2. OMG...I am a product queen when it comes to hair. I mostly use Aveda now but I have tried everything under the sun from top salons. I did not like Jonathon products at all. The shampoo did not lather, and it took FOREVER to get the conditioner out of my hair, and then it felt dry! The hairspray was way to sticky for my liking. I did like the spray that you use inbetween washes. My DH liked the dirt, but not enough to use the whole container or buy again. On a positive note...everyones hair is so different so maybe it will work for you? I gave the products to out housekeeper and she did not care for them either. Let us know how it works for you! I LOVE Jonathon ans wanted to love his products so much!! :sad:
  3. i bought the volumizing shampoo and promptly returned it. it never lathered (this might be sulfate-free), so it felt like my hair was still dirty, yet my hair also felt dry. i have other sulfate-free shampoos and they actually lather and clean my hair.
  4. my guy friends use the dirt product that makes your hair "the day after". they all swear by it. aha.
  5. I was curious but then read many bad reviews about them ... so it's no for me, I guess
  6. The "Dirt" stuff is good, nice smell. Haven't tried anything else though.
  7. Totally hate his products. I had bought the moisterizing shampoo, and my hair felt so dry afterwards, and the conditioner was so thick I had to open the entire lid to squeeze it out.

    The hairspray was very sticky and the bottle clogged after a few times. I tried rinsing the tube with hot water, but did not help. I literally had to throw an entire bottle in the trash.
  8. Dang it too bad I discovered this forum after I ordered the product. If it sucks i will be returning it. I cannot afford, dry, sticky hair.
  9. I've never used his products, but my hairdresser told me his line is horrible. It seems like the majority here agree with her.
  10. I'm just not that big of a fan of his. He's too pompous and self-centered.

    I was curious about his products, though, because although he seemed like such an ass on his show, he was a genius when it came to hair.

    Thanks. I'd rather just stick to a product I'm used to.
  11. I have tried his products and I agree with Sunshine and Bella. Don't waste your money.
  12. Thanks guys for all ur replies. Well it arrived today and I will be using it shortly. I am so expecting the worse. I may have to rewash my hair to get it out.
  13. I really liked the dirt, but the rest sucked!!
  14. < not a fan at all.....totally a waste of my money.