Has anyone tried Hylexin? Does it work?

  1. Hello!!!
    I would like to know if anyone uses Hylexin.I think is very popular in USA,isn´t it?

    Is it good?:shrugs:

  2. Hi there Yoguina, I use Hylexin every day. I cannot say that I see huge changes, I always had dark circles around the eyes and Hylexin does not seem to change dramatically the situation. Maybe a little better, but nothing dramatic. However, my skin is terribly sensitive and Hylexin makes my skin around the eyes feel moisturised but not greasy all day long, so I would say that I like it nonetheless. I also add that despite the cost, a little tube goes a long way: I had one package for more than 6 months now and it is still not finished.
  3. I also use Hylexin! I've used it for about 5 weeks now, and see no difference. Hopefully it will get better...??
  4. Thanks Fraublucher,
    I use Bobbi Brown corrector and creamy concealer to cover my dark circles.They are quite good but not perfect so i was looking for something to make them disappear.
    I think i will try with Hylexin.
    In my opinion the best way is going to sky with big sunglasses.....you get sunburnt and your eyes area is like white!!!!
  5. Actually I never use concealer because I don't like how it feels around the eyes (except for very big occasions, of course!), so that's why so far Hylexin has served quite well its purpose :p
  6. It didnt work for me. I still looking for a a circle under the eye cream.
  7. :hysteric: I've also tried it with minimal results. It was a bummer, too because I was really hoping for the best!
  8. I was going to try this but i just had a feeling it wouldnt work. I hate my under eye circles so very very much. i'm actually going to be calling the dermotologist soon to ask if theres any kind of laser treatments that would correct them, im that desperate for them to be gone!
  9. will you let me know if there is a way, thanks
  10. will do, i'll post up before and afters if its possible!