Has anyone tried Fraxel Laser treatment?

  1. Has anyone tried it? Looking to use it to remove some acne scars. I heard it is the best treatment on the market now
  2. OMG I just asked this on another thread!
    DH & I are looking into it. I too have heard it is the best. It doesn't come cheap here. I do have some literature on it. My plastic surgeon who I just started getting botox from recommended it & she has several different types of machines.
  3. Can you just explain what is this exactly? Are you talking about acne scars? the darkening of skin or the crater like scar?
  4. You buy a package of treatments 4 to 6. It burns off the very top layers of skin. You'll be red & can't wear makeup for a few days. I think you go in once a month.
    I never looked up the website but the spelling is FRAXEL laser.
  5. All of my scars are gone thanks to microdermabrasion. I still have acne (mild) and clogged pores but my deeper scars are now gone. It took about 10 treatments and all my spots are gone, along with any small craters. My mom had REALLY REALLY bad acne growing up and has some of the deepest scars i have ever seen. I bought her a very very strong gylcholic peel (off of eBay- same stuff they use in derm. offices) it has helped her scars. But not gotten rid of them. So I guess it just depends on how deep your scars are.