Has anyone tried eyebrow microblading?

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  1. Where are u located?
  2. Piret Aava.com...
    Lots of info on the website
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  3. Northern California

  4. Oh ok. If u were in Toronto Canada I could have recommended someone to see for a fix.
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  5. I have seen maybe 5 examples on a Facebook page that I’m on. And two of those I thought looked awful. To each their own. But some people are getting a bit crazy with the brow size. And knowing that it’s semi permanent. If I was going to do it I would definitely bring two people with me who had no qualms about telling me that I looked redic.
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  6. I got my first done in November 2017, touch up in December 2017.

    It’s been many months and I friggin love my results. I would literally die if my girl moved away. So worth it if you find someone who knows what they’re doing.
  7. Have you tried Instagram? I found my girl on IG, which showcased all her work.
  8. Thanks! I’ll try that!
  9. Do you have someone that does amazing work? I’m not far from Toronto and have been looking into this but terrified of getting someone who just messes me up
  10. I got mine done by Brow Envy Studio (IG is browenvystudio). She's on the pricier side but hands down probably the best work I've seen thus far. She works out of Hamilton, Toronto and Whitby.
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  11. PM me and I can give u her info.
  12. No but i've been wanting to!
  13. In Vietnam I know Kaycee Nguyen
  14. I had it done last year and it did not work for me. My aesthetician had recently become certified (or whatever it's called) and she urged me to try it. My brows are curly and don't have a nice shape. My goal, which I shared with her, was to be able to keep my brows trimmed and have the microblading fill in the rest.

    Unfortunately for me, the ink strokes blended together as soon as the healing finished and the color turned purple. The aesthetician said it would be better after the second appointment. Nope, the same thing happened (and that second appointment was seriously painful!). Her recommendation was to put Retin-A on my brows to fade them. Like, I just spend $500 and now you're telling me to fade them asap??

    Anyway, it's been a year, and they have faded somewhat but the overall color is still purple. I'm not sure where the problem was; my aesthetician was pretty new and she blamed it on my skin and body chemistry. Other brow artists have told me they could fix it, etc, but I am not inclined to do it again.
  15. If you have oily skin and/or large pores the microblading ink will run together. If you have your brows done again, do the powder brow technique and find an aesthetician who has done many. Good Luck!
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