Has anyone tried eyebrow microblading?

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  1. My cousin got her eyebrows microbladed recently and they look SO natural. She said it wasn't that painful at all but didn't really go in detail about how many sessions or if she's had any problems with it. Has anyone else done it here? Where'd you get it done and what are your thoughts on it?
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  2. I was just coming in here to ask this very question!

    I have an appointment next month to get mine done. I like the shape of my brows but they're becoming very sparse/haven't grown back after a botched waxing job. My "brow stylist" told me I have my initial appointment and then I have to come back 1 - 3 times for a touch up. She said most people only need 1 touch up and then they're good to go.

    I've heard various things about the pain.. One girl said it was like getting her face cut up but she loves the result, another one said it felt like the pain when you tweeze individual hairs. They'r supposed to apply numbing cream though so that helps. I have 3 tattoos and I've gotten fillers so my pain threshold is pretty high... I basically just suck it up in the same of beauty lol.
  3. I've had my eyebrows both tattooed and micro bladed. I first starting tattooing my eyebrows 12 years ago and love the look. I have very light eyebrows so the tattooing gave a great shape and darker colour, so I got great definition. For me tattooing lasts 3-4 years.
    I did micro blading for a change 2 years ago and the look is way more natural, my eyebrows look more "fluffy" now - the pain in basically nothing since they should use a numbing cream and the tool doesn't go as deep into the skin as a tattoo does. Micro blading doesn't last as long so overall it will end up costing more since the price for me was the same but I will have to go more often to touch up. I just went in Nov to have then re-done, so it lasted only 2 years for me (I like a darker look, so once it fades significantly I book to go back in).
    I will say it still looks very natural as it fades out, it's just personal preference for a darker eyebrow.
    Normally you should go for 2 sessions, I didn't need a touch up after my session in Nov since I already had a "base" from my previous time, but when you go the first time you will most likely need 2 sessions.
    The healing is minimal, no down time (for me just a little scabbing - but everyone heals different).
    I will continue to get my eyebrows done, most likely continue with microblading (as opposed to the other options) as the look is more natural. I get compliments on the eyebrows all the time!
  4. Hi, ive done a semi permanent one 2 yrs ago and i dont really like it, fades within 6 months where they said 2 yr?!?

    Been pondering do try microbladding for awhile, pls share the results and feedback after! Thx!
  5. I've done microblading twice. It lasts one year for me and the pain in minimal. The results are totally worth the investment. You won't regret it, just make sure you go to a salon that specializes in microblading techniques and the price can be $700+
  6. I'm excited to try microblading. It's not done where I live but I'll be moving this spring and will have it done then. Thanks for descriptions and what to expect!
  7. Got them done 1.5 years ago and it's probably about time to redo them. Abosolutly loved my results but was soo price 700-800 If I remember correctly. There so many groupons where I am that do them, don't know if I want to risk it tho.
  8. I really really want to try it, did you have any scaling after? When i did my semi permanent one, i had liquid dripping over my eyes while i was driving home and it hurts so bad after the anesthesia wore out
  9. Yes absolutely love it! Make sure to get recommendations or read reviews on the place. Otherwise it is so worth the investment and looks natural.
  10. Absolutely worth it. Probably one of the best things I've done. Seeing that I have very light eyebrow hair, it was such a hassle "putting them on" everyday. It has faded a lot (probably need to go in for another session), but a quick fill in that takes a few minutes, and I'm ready to go. It was a little painful at times but tolerable. Make sure to go somewhere that is reputable.
  11. I'm dying to get it done...

    I should've done it while living in SF last year (with all the Asian microblading artists and Asian eyebrows they work on all the time). Now I'm in Ohio and I can't find anyone who does a decent job let alone one that does a lot of Asian brows.

    I just want a full look with a softer, subtle arch. The ones I've seen here are very drastic, sharp-edged instagrammy brows. NO thank you!
  12. I had it started and have to go back for a second ... I think it's okay ... only because it still looks like a tattoo on the tails to me. Maybe unit will look better after I go back for my touch up.
  13. I just had it done! No pain at all during the procedure but was a bit sore and stinging afterwards once the numbing agent wore off. I went for a natural full look with a bit of an arch. I love them so far and can't wait to see them fully healed. The only regret I have is that I wish I did it sooner!
  14. Oh yes! You gotta do your touch up. That’s when stokes are added to give dimension.

    I had mine done in August and went back 2 weeks ago for my touch up. I’m very happy with my results. This pic was taken after the touch up. They’ve lightening up perfectly.

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  15. Thanks for posting a pic, DC-Cutie -- your brows look great!

    Have any blondes on here tried this? I get my brows tinted every six weeks and I'm always shocked at how artificial it looks (to me) for the first few days afterwards. I'd love to get them microbladed but worried about having lighter hairs (like, clear) grow in over the darker base and/or being stuck with a very unnatural look.
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