Has anyone tried EASY FEET to clean their feet in the shower?

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  1. I guess the product is too new to find reviews online. Has anyone here tried it? I never order stuff off TV, but this looks soooo good! :lol:

  2. :huh: lol, weird
  3. Ok, they are pitching that via TV sales now?! :roflmfao:

    One of the Medical/Health shops in my town has had such a foot brush in their display window for ages. :P It's supposed to help the elderly that can't bend down anymore.

    I always wondered whether it tickles when you use it?! :nuts:
  4. this pic made me LOL

  5. haha I kinda want that.
  6. I think I want it, too....if it really works, using in the shower when my feet are already softened would be the most effective.

    ITA it looks like it might tickle.
  7. Hahaha... it's sort of hilarious but I want soft feet! Wearing sandals this summer has made my feet sort of dry! :sad:

    Hope someone has a review soon. Lol!
  8. I think I want one. LOL Anyone want to be the first to try it?? :P
  9. Lol curious to know if anyone has tried this?
  10. They've had something like this at Bed Bath and Beyond for years.. there isn't the piece that goes across the foot though. It suctions to the floor of the bathtub. I love it. I squirt a little bit of my body moisturizer into it and I know its weird to say but it feels soo good, like a little foot massage!
  11. I really want to try this LOL
  12. I want one, I think it would feel wonderful on my feet after dance class.
  13. ASOTV, is notorious about charging your credit card. If I am interested in ASOTV products I usually buy them on ebay or at CVS.
  14. have we gotten that lazy that products like this exist? lol