Has anyone tried curling their hair with the GHD?

  1. I was looking on the Sephora site and there's one iron called the original ceramic styling iron that says you can curl your hair with it. I have straight hair and have been trying to get a lasting curl forever! Has anyone tried curling with their GHD?
  2. I curled mine last night... what do wanna know?
  3. Did the curl stay in? Was it easy to do? Did you do it with freshly washed hair?
  4. alright let's start with I am black so that alone gives me a diff texture of hair. I was testing out the "staying power" of the GHD.

    Soooooo I washed my hair, blowdried realy quickly, a little moisturized and flatironed it into an outward flip. Turned on the shower for 15 mins to get the bathroom really humid. Walked in came out no noticeable poof and no noticeable fall of the curl.

    It was really easy to do bc normally the barrel of a flatiron will give my hair a kink where it's kind of just lie a bend and a partial curl (don't know if I'm explaining this well) but this gave a full curl just as if it was a curling iron...

    As I said in the other thread, I flatironed my whole head and did this flip thing from my very coarse blowdried state in about 10 min...
  5. I just tried curling mine this past weekend. It does a great job of curling, but it took me a little while to get the hang of it. I searched some videos on youtube, and found some showing how to curl with the GHD. Once you get the hang of it - it's pretty easy. I didn't do it with freshly washed hair (only because I didn't want to end up washing it, hating it, and then washing it right after... and wasting a bunch of time), and yes the curl did stay in. I curled my hair with the 1.75" GHD, and like I said it turned out well... however, I would imagine that it's much easier with the 1" GHD.
  6. Thanks ladies! I'm Asian and my hair will take the curl right away but it always falls out within half an hour. I've been using a ceramic round brush and curling as I blowdry. It's rather tiring and hot and it usually falls out before I get to work! I'm wondering how well the creation spray works too. Have any of you tried that?
  7. no but for me minimal product does best for holding curls...
  8. Nope, haven't tried it. I've been using the thermal protector though, and it works really well. I definitely recommend it.

    Also, I have the thermal reconditioning process done to my hair every 6 months, so trust me when I say, that my hair will NOT hold a curl. I used to have extremely curly (not to mention super frizzy) hair, and ever since I got the thermal reconditioning my hair has been pin straight (which is what I've always wanted, lol). The iron is really useful now when the roots start growing out curly, and I need to iron them straight.

    I tried curling it before for fun, but my hair wouldn't hold a curl either. It definitely holds the curl well with the GHD, so I really think you should look into it.
  9. yes i have! it comes with an instructional DVD and i did it exactly how the lady shows on the dvd and it works great =) i dont think i ever need a curling iron again! hehe

  10. Bagaholic, JUST GET IT! It's fantastic, but make sure you get the one that curls as well. All GHDs curl, but the new one has a smoother, rounder barrel especially for this purpose. What you can do is get a good quality hairspray and mist (don't saturate) each section of hair before you curl it. Unless your hair is made of stone, the curl should hold for hours and hours (like, 12 hours +)!
  11. OK, I'm sold - I'll get it! I'll report back after I've tried it - can't wait!!!
  12. Yay... Congrats!!! Looking forward to reading your update to see how it works out for you!
  13. So I got it off Sephora and got the 20% off. I ordered the 1" barrell one in black and the Creation spray. Can't wait!!!!
  14. ...I've watched the DVD a few times and still struggle using it for curls, but I keep trying!!
  15. ok let me just tell you gals i curled my hair today with my GHD and i actually had TIME to do it and IT LOOKS SO SEXY! i LOVE it!! and it lasted me the whole day also =) it takes some practice AND TIME to curl your hair with the GHD but the results are FABOLOUS!!!! looks like ROLLERS and you can make it tighter/loose depending on the way you manuver the iron..... =)