Has anyone tried Cramster.com?

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  1. I have some physics homework problems that are kicking my arse! Its $9.95 a month. Just wondering if it useful.

  2. Yes, when I took Physics I and II, I joined it and paid the $9.95 a month for the months I was in the 2 classes (you have the option of canceling each month). It was very helpful with the homework and definitely worth it!

    Just make sure you understand the HW problems once your teacher (and/or cramster) explains it. I know people that would use it to blatantly copy the homework answers and make a 100 on the HW, but would fail the tests because they really didn't understand the material.
  3. What do you need help with? My bachelor's is in physics...
  4. I never found a problem that either classmates or the professor couldn't help me out with.
  5. ^Well I have a class of about 150 students. I live 35 minutes away from school and I work a lot. My homework is online that I do at night after work, and my prof only goes over some problems and others aren't explained. i would just like a step by step explanation of all the homework problems, so I was wondering if cramster would do that. I can't go to the prof every time I dont understand every little thing. He doesnt answer emails and has very limited office hours.

  6. Well its really only small steps that I miss or forget in a problem. Sometimes I just need to look at an example like the homework problem to understand what I did wrong. But right now I am in Physics for Engineering and we are doing Electricity and magnetism. If I have any questions, can I PM you?
  7. That's kind of crappy. What's the point of paying for an education of the professor isn't there to educate?
    I'd write down all the HW problems I didn't understand, then meet with the prof after class. Is that possible?
  8. Absolutely but I will warn you now that electricity is absolutely my WORST topic in all of physics LOL! Sorry :Push:

  9. Yes, doesnt that stink? I would do that, but the problems are very complex and long, and there are about 8 problems to do every week. It probably takes about 4 hours to do all of the problems. I do talk with some others in the class for help, but all of our schedules are so different that its hard to get together and do homework. Also, if you want tutoring, it specifically says they will not do homework problems for you and you only get 1 hour a week with them. I'm just irritated that the profs dont really make an effort to give you help. They basically say that "Yes this class is very hard, you're gonna have to study 3 hours every night and review all your calculus if you don't understand." I'm loving this class. :rolleyes:
  10. Haha...yes I must admit this is the hardest class I've had, and I solve some crazy hard equations for my Meteorology major. This is the last class I need to graduate so I'm just looking to pass. But thanks for offering your help.