Has anyone tried Chanel makeup vs BareMinerals?

  1. Pros/cons? I currently use BM but have heard so many good things about Chanel makeup ... I am curious ... do they give out samples of the foundations or powders? Are they heavy?

    Any comparisons would be great ... thanks!
  2. I liked the mineral foundation, but it was obvious that I was wearing makeup. I think its a great foundation for a picture.

    Chanel melts right into my skin. If I didn't have my skii foundation I'd go for that.
  3. Chanel sounds tempting ... what foundation of theirs do you use/recommend?
  4. their teint innocence foundation is very nice, as are their concealers, lip glosses, mascara, eyeshadows-pretty much everything! :tup: but if i had to recommend chanel starter items i'd try the foundation, a gloss, and if you can, an eyeshadow.

    i'm not too huge a fan of BM as it makes my skin itchy-the teint innocence gives me a much prettier finish.
  5. I really love the Vitalumiere foundation, it is more of a sheer/light coverage on me but it makes my skin look flawless and quite healthy!! I also really like their concealers and the few moisturizing products Ive tried.
  6. Great. Have you also tried Bare Minerals, how did it rate in comparison?
  7. And mentioning itchiness, yes, BM does make me itch sometimes, especially when out in the heat ...
  8. BM and chanel are really different... BM is all powder mineral makeup while chanel has the traditional liquids/cakes. I prefer Chanel since I have oily skin and BM makes me look cakey after a few hours.
  9. Good to know ... thanks!
  10. I do not like Chanel foundation but I do love all of their eye makeup stuff. Eyeshadows, eyeliners, mascaras, they really are the best IMO.
    The reason I do not like Chanel foundation is because I don't like non-powder foundations period, so it's not really fair... The loose powder feels nice but does not have much of a coverage.
    I wouldn't say I am crazy about BM either but until I find a better alternative, I am stuck with it.
  11. I LOVE Chanel. It's so flawless. You can't tell you're wearing their teint innocence foundation or the powder. With Bare Minerals it was more obvious I was wearing makeup. I recommend Chanel. They give out samples of foundation if you ask.
  12. I am going to go this next week and get a sample! Dying to try it. Thanks.
  13. As an alternative to bareminerals, I would try everyday minerals... for the price I didn't think it would work, but they send you samples of 3 foundations (you get to pick the colors), a concealer, and a blush, and they are pretty hefty samples, all you have to do is pay the shipping... I got them and wooow, they work better than bareminerals. I promise!

    I think their website is www.everydayminerals.com , so if the chanel doesn't work out for you, go for that. I'm ordering some once my bare minerals runs out.
  14. Excellent, why not try a sample or two and see right? I will do, thanks!
  15. I can't speak to BM's quality but I LOVE and swear by Chanel. I agree with everything that jc2239 says!