Has anyone tried Bobbi Brown face oil?

  1. Just wondering if anyone uses this product & how they like it as I was thinking about buying it
  2. I have heard really great things about it.

    It is best for dry skin, I believe. :smile:
  3. I got it for my mum for xmas. I got her all of b. brown skincare. and this product is her fave. My boyfriends mum said it is excellent too. going to get it myself.
  4. Haven't tried the BB oil -sorry can't help you there - but I'm using an Amanda Lacey one and it's brilliant, my skin gets really dry in the winter and it feels great after putting this on. If you decide to get it keep us updated it's cheaper than the AL. Did however try the Clarins face oil and didn't like it at all.

    FYI and no I don't work for AL http://www.amandalacey.com/