Has anyone tried an oriental massage?

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  1. Hello, I am a very stressed girl (due to work problems that are not worth telling). The fact is that a friend recommended me an oriental massage. She says that it is what works best for her to de-stress. Have you tried it? What do you think?
  2. Oriental massage sounds pretty general - from my experience I know of Japanese Shiatsu and Chinese Tui-Na. I've also had Thai and Balinese-style massages and all feel very different. I like Chinese Tui-Na best - they are very good at getting all the knots out, which is very helpful when you're experiencing soreness and stiffness. Depending on the therapist, it can get very painful but you can always tell them to use lighter strokes if it doesn't feel comfortable. They'll adjust to your level of comfort and thereafter should feel good for you. Hope this helps!
  3. Swiss massage is very light. Does nothing for me. Have never tried Thai massage, so can't comment there.

    I like Chinese massage, like the previous poster said, it really helps with overall circulation by getting the knots out. It really helps diffuse stress and tension.

    You can start out very light and go from there. Communication with your masseuse is key. I would also suggest Gua-sha if/ when needed, if you live in a hot climate area.
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