Has anyone traded-in a bag at Realdealcollection?

  1. I am lusting over a bag on realdealcollection.com....

    To alleviate some of the cost of it (and DH finding out how much I might spend) I was thinking of trying the "trade-in" option to gain some store credit. Wondering if anyone else has done this with a non-Balenciaga item before. I was going to try it with an excellent condition Fendi zucca baguette. Is it worthwhile? Should I just stick with eBay and build up my paypal account instead?

    On the same note, has anyone seen coupons or promos for RealDeal?

  2. Realdeal emails promo codes from time to time, I believe I haven't seen any recently.

    I have bought quite a few bags from them and there are really professional, I haven't traded in anything yet but I did get quotes from them for trading/selling. Generally they will offer you a better prices for trading as opposed to selling/consigning a bag with them, also it completely depend on the brand you have.
    Good luck!
  3. I second, Samia. They are very professional. You won't get disappointed with their service. But I would like to say Fendi doesn't hold a resale value well. You might receive a not satisfactory level quoate. Good luck!