Has anyone throw away your beloved bags because its beyond repair?

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  1. My chanel gst is badly damaged by the liquid from humidifer, and I am on the verge of throwing it away. My heart really sank because the bag is not even one year old. :cry:

    The humidifer was bought because I lived in a humid country, but it ended up leak, and the liquid seeped into the leather, dried up the leather badly. Thankfully only the back of the bag is affected, I have already sent for bag cleaning, and they will try their best to moisturize the affected area. The downside is, the leather cannot be revived.

    I may have to throw away the gst if its still in a bad condition when I got it back. This feels like a painful breakup.

    Have anyone throw away your bags because of its unrepairable state?
  2. That's rough, sorry!

    I wouldn't throw it away though, you could probably sell it as a damaged item, I'm sure there are lots of people who would still get use out of it, especially if it's only the back of the bag that is affected. Maybe you could try that route? It might hurt a little less to sell it than to just trash it!
  3. Definitely sell it as damaged. Don't throw it out. You'd be surprised what people will buy!
  4. today the bag cleaning service called me, and said my bag is beyond help. because the liquid has seeped in to the extent when you press the leather, there is liquid coming out. and they refuse to clean it for me, because the leather will shrink. sigh. guess i will ask them to do the trashing job for me.

    on a side note, i kept telling myself money can be earn again, and i am going paris anyway in a few weeks' time.
  5. If I were you would definitely try and sell it on ebay or something because trust me in saying this, I have been selling on ebay for over 16 years now and there is a buyer out there for everything! Many will never even get close to a Chanel bag in their lifetime or even afford to buy one brand new so there is a market out there that would love to at least have the chance at restoring it to their liking if not carry it the way it already is after its dried out a bit in another climate, I wouldn't put all my faith in the bag cleaning service cause these days they could be just telling you this so they can salvage it themselves and make a profit off of it! I have worked with a lot of leathers over the years and I don't think it sounds like its time to give up just yet, I would at least get it back from them! Best of luck :smile:
  6. I agree with everyone else....you should try and and sell it me personally cannot afford a Chanel bag yet...and getting one even with damage on the back would be good enough. When it comes to me personally even though the LV Speedy I carry is a little beat up I love it because it is authentic, and I hate carrying fakes. Definitely try selling it you never know what you could get maybe enough to start up another Chanel fund. :yes:
  7. Do you have homeowner's (or renter's) insurance? They would most likely cover this unless it was long standing damage. It's worth a try. You will need to show them the bag and where the humidifier leaked (pictures are great).
  8. I'm so sorry about your bag my heart also sank reading your post. :sad: But I agree with the others here, don't trash it instead list it on ebay or donate it so someone else could get some use out of it or try to fix it.
  9. Sorry this happened, I know I'd be upset, but agree with everyone else, sell it. It would be a shame to throw it away when there are people who would jump at the chance to purchase it and carry it with pride. Keep us posted :smile:
  10. sell on ebay and explain what happened and start auction off low and take lots of pictures. I believe you will be able to recoup some money and put it towards your next bag.
  11. Why would you have a bag near a humidifier? Was it next to it or on the floor?
  12. Yes Yes Yes don't trash it its still precious
    Good Luck
  13. I feel for you on this. My heart sank :sad: Have you tried keeping in touch with the nearest Chanel boutique in your area? Maybe they can do something for you with this. If they can't, then I agree with everybody else here on trying to sell the purse. One man's trash is another man's treasure. At least have a few bucks to add up for the next purchase.
  14. Maybe I've spent too much time around shady people, but I would not trust someone else to throw away a, what, $2k bag? No no no. Get it back and sell it or give it to someone that you care about who will enjoy it.
    So sorry this has happened:nogood:. I cannot even imagine how sick you are over it.
  15. At the very least you can pull out the chanel logo and make it into a brooch or start some DIY project with the undamaged parts of the bag.

    I think that maybe you should stuff the bag with a pillow and then throw a heavy book in so that it presses down on the leather and squishes out all the water from the bag. Keep doing that till it dries and then bring it to someone else to see if they can restore the bag.

    What color is your GST? A more drastic solution you can try is to redyethe bag into black. Should make the damage hard to see.