has anyone taken ballet as an adult?

  1. i think it sounds like fun but i'm a little scared to sign up. any experiences to share (especially from those who don't posess a dancer's body or much coordination. hehe.)
  2. I'm curious about this too. My daughter has been taking ballet lessons for ten years, since she was three, but I've never taken lessons at all. I'd like to find a studio that has all adult classes. They don't at the ballet school my daughter goes to.
  3. Oh, this is a wonderful question! I started ballet five years ago when I was 45. I had never had any training at all, but I wanted to fulfill a life-long dream of dancing. I started in a Basc Beginner Adult class twice a week. I also took Stretch classes twice a week.

    Now I take five ballet classes and three Stretch classes a week. To me it is the most wonderful opportunity in the world. I didn't have a dancer's body, either, but I did have a deep desire to learn.

    Ballet has given me lots of things: self-confidence, better posture, exposure to the world of classical music, made me aware of my body, toned my muscles, and provided pure joy! It has also taught me to follow directions. For example when the teacher says something like, "point your left foot, turn your head to the left, arms in fifth position, and keep up with the music" there's a lot of mental organization that takes place.

    The beginning was hard for me, as I didn't look very good in a leotard and tights. About the time I started with ballet, it was determined that I had a metabolic problem so once I was helped with that, I lost 35 lbs. and the dance clothing wasn't an issue as much. I also found it terribly humbling and frustrating to start from scratch at something. I will never have the ability to perform, nor will I ever be able to wear pointe shoes, but I can dance better and better and learn more and more.

    I encourage you to try a class! It has become the focus of my life. I was also very fortunate to have found a studio that encourages and respects adult students.
  4. ahhh great thread! and great answer leelee! I have always wanted to take adult ballet lessons as well. Also the ballet school is a 1 minute drive from my house...assuming they offer the courses there. Ilzabet if only we lived in the same city we could go together! but I admit, I really want to get into some pointe shoes. :smile:
  5. I would love to take an adult ballet class!!! I grew up in toe shoes, I took for 15 years. It is such a great stress reliever, I would love to find time to do it again......there is just not enough time in a day*sigh*
  6. leelee i was hoping you'd chime in (from some of your avatars and the line under your member name i'd guessed you were a dancer) that's actually really inspiring.

    oooh i wish we lived in the same city too!! i've tried over the last two years to find a friend who would go with me, but none of them have the time or interest. i have a secret desire for pointe shoes as well (left over from childhood), but that's not something that's realistic for me. in reality i just really enjoyed ballet as a child (until a not so great teacher kind of ruined it for self concious 11 year old me). i would like to try it again as an adult who doesn't have to deal with as many of the self esteem and peer acceptance issues. :smile:
  7. ilzabet, I hope you have the opportunity to dance! Is there a studio in your area? It is amazing how many adult dancers I have met who just study for their own enjoyment. It is uplifting and a pleasure to be in such a positive environment.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed that you'll be doing pirouettes one day soon!
  8. i'm only 21 now, so i guess i'm not really adult...but i certainly don't possess a dancers body, so maybe i still count. :p

    i did ballet for 13 years when i was little. eventually quit because i wasn't skinny and got tired of getting rejections for performances. last year, i decided that i didn't care what they thought and i signed back up for some classes with older ladies (i took pointe, they were regular soft shoe). we had a TON of fun because there was no competition with each other.

    and, i should recommend irish dance as well. i took that for 3 years and it absolutely was the greatest! it was a great way to get some exercise and i the dancing was fairly easy and totally not stressful! (and there are lots of adult classes and you don't have to wear a leotard, lol. big bonus in my book!)
  9. I know, I have no one to go with...I have been talking about doing this for the past year, but it would help to have a buddy, then I would make it happen. It would be a plus if its layed back and not competitive also!
  10. one of the studios in town has drop in adult classes twice a week. i just called, and there's one tonight at seven. i think it's a sign. :smile: wish me luck!
  11. You are going?!!! yaay! Let us know how it goes, and good luck!
  12. omg danica i had SO much fun!! it wasn't even as frustrating as i thought it would be. (the only thing that bugged me was the yoga pants i wore...i kept tripping on them) you should go! i bet you'd have fun too! :yes:
  13. That's awesome!! I'm glad you had a good time. You're pretty convincing with that rave review! lol
  14. How much did your lesson cost? I would love to start ballet again, but I don't know that I can afford it. I'm glad I'm not the only one who's been thinking about it. Ilzabet, it sounds like you had alot of fun! I'm inspired!

  15. I haven't been on the computer until just now so I didn't have the chance to wish you good luck before you went to class! What did you think? Will you continue? Good for you for going!! I hope you enjoyed yourself.

    It takes sooooooo much courage to start new things like this as an adult. It's wonderful that you're giving it a go.:yes: