Has anyone taken a mini-break on their own?

  1. I'm considering it, but I'm really worried about it. I'm not a good socialiser and wouldn't want to spend 3 days not talking to anyone!
    I've found a website that does group holidays with a host, has anyone tried that?
  2. Im taking a mini break..but with my pal Jillybean this weekend.....I think u can do it...Just research where u want to go thoroughly beforehand....
    Have a blast!!!!!Maybe u can meet some Pfers too!
  3. I go on vacations alone all the time. Been to the Dominican Republic 8 days, Vegas 4 days, Cuba 8 days, and I've always been just fine. Except for Vegas, I always met lots of people so it's not like I was alone all the time.
  4. i took a driving trip down the east coast by myself for 2-3 weeks. at the time, i was at a crossroads and just needed a break- from everyone & everything. it was really great. i met some nice ppl and had a nice time by myself. i came home feeling quite content- have fun!
  5. that would be my dream vacation!:lol:
  6. aww Vic, where ya planning on going, and is it to get away from him indoors :biggrin:
  7. Oh God LOL, same here!!
  8. I've done mini-breaks and holidays on my own and socialise as and when I want. A really good UK company is Friendship Travel, quite a bit more expensive but well worth it, I've used them twice and would use them again. Are you off anywhere nice?
  9. i think the funnest thing to do by yourself is to go on a 3-day spa vacation. i hear a lot of people actually do that, so you get to meet lots of nice ladies while sitting in the sauna or taking yoga classes. i would do it, if i had spare change :yes: at the moment.
  10. Well, I'm thinking of going to see my friend in Delaware around Christmas and driving from New Orleans, which means I'll basically be alone for three days driving each way, except for my dog. I think the idea sounds kind of relaxing.
  11. I went to Copenhagen/Malmo last year by myself and am going to Oslo by myself over thanksgiving. The trips are/were not too long and I am actually happy for the opportunity. Nobody's BS to deal with (especially on the difficulties of paying the extremely discounted f ticket).
  12. have never been away on my own, wouldn't mind the peace but would be afraid of being really lonely:smile:

  13. I thought that too.. but the worst part for me was being my own "trailmaster". Everything else was cake. And nobody else's BS to mess with. Trust me.. you won't be lonely. :yes:
  14. I went to the Bellagio in Vegas by myself a couple of months ago, and that turned out to be the perfect place to go alone (my husband couldn't go, and they had a special price on rooms for 4 days). I absolutely shopped til I dropped, ate good food, people watched, etc. and loved every minute of it. It is just a gorgeous hotel and I felt totally safe. My husband was calling me on my cell about every hour because he was worried about me being there alone, and I never had a thought of feeling anything but safe there. By the end, I was really missing doing things w/ him, seeing things w/ him, and was so awed by the place that we're going there together on Dec. 16th. :yahoo:

    Having said that, it really is a great place to do "girl stuff" and have fun in absolutely beautiful surroundings.
  15. I thought about going to Edinburgh maybe? I found a trip there with one of the group travel things but it's pretty soon!