Has anyone studied abroad in college?


Feb 5, 2006
Where did you go? What did you study? How was the overall experience?

I am planning on taking a full courseload this summer quarter because I want to be able to study abroad while being on track for graduating with my intended major. The places I want to go to study doesn't really have anything to do with my intended major (neurobiology). Summer 2007 I want to go to Spain or some Latin American country and improve my speaking Spanish. Then right after in the Fall I want to go to Kenya and take some public health classes.
Yep, twice. I spent spring 02 in Rome and spring 03 in Paris. I was an art history major so it was perfect. Well...actually, I basically dropped my original major to a minor and made art hist. my major instead of minor so I could go twice and graduate on time:biggrin:

I went to Rome through a program at my school, loved it and decided to go again. My school's Paris program didn't fit my needs and so I applied to an outside program secretly from my parents and pretty much after I had accepted and told my home university I'd be taking a semester's leave of absence I then told my Dad over Thanksgiving :lol: I was like ok you're going to be sending the tuition check here instead and I need a plane ticket and more spending money, lol...but it worked!

I loved every moment of it and when I look back on college those are the times I reminisce about the most. I definitely got scolded about how much I spent...it just added up so much more quickly than it did when I was in the US...even though I didn't think there were any changes in my lifestlye.

I'd have gone a third spring if I wasn't afraid of my dad cutting me off!
I studied abroad in Europe last semester. I took the max credits possible, and it was great. We went to France, Switzerland, and Germany. It was for the UN Commission on Human Rights, which was valuable to me since I was a poli sci major. The class itself was a bit unorganized, but the overall experience was great and I'd gladly do it again.
I was an exchange student in high school for a year. I lived in Costa Rica and it was a great experience. Because I studied German literature there wasn't the possibility to study abroad.
I went to France and I highly recommend it. Almost all my friends studied abroad during their college career and I have *never* heard of a bad experience.
I had a short (1-month) experience in the UK and later decided against a short experience in Russia (regret for years after). I am a professor now and am taking a group of students to China for the second year in a row. Again, it is a relatively short experience, but the participants report amazing outcomes!
I studied abroad (Europe) since 17 and continued working in Europe after my MBA. I would never regret going no matter what hardship I went through. It was an experience that had broaden my horizon not to mention all the amazing friends from all over the world I've made. Go for it! You won't regret it, and I always tell people to travel to as many places as you want to before you get married. IF I had to choose between travelling and luxurious goods, would pick travelling for sure without a doubt.
Wow, KK, that sounds amazing!

I second what you say about traveling as many places as you can go. I mean, we're only this young once. We have no obligations or responsibilities to anybody but ourselves. We should take time to enjoy the world.
I spent a semester studying in Seville, Spain. I loved it! My spanish improved significantly and my love of travel flourished. I also spent the first three years of marriage living/working in the UK and traveling as much as possible. DO IT, DO IT, DO IT!
I studied Art History in Europe, it was wonderful! I also lived in Germany for 3 years when I first got married (husband was an officer in the Army after graduating from West Point).

You should do it!!!
I did my whole undergrad "abroad" at Ohio State... taken that I was born in Prague and raised in Germany (parents fled the bolshevistic regime in '83), that does qualify... I think.