Has anyone stopped getting PCEs!?

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  1. Last year I was getting the invites via email, easily once a month towards the end of the year, but now nothing!? I even called and was told I wasn't scheduled to receive this one either and that it's just random but it seems weird because when I was buying every invite I kept getting them and once I skipped one or two I just stopped getting them.

    Anyone else having the same thing happen? Figures that now that I want to get some new pieces for spring I'm not getting them!
  2. I was getting one in the mail every month. They stopped coming after December. I didn't buy anything in December, so I'm not sure if that's why.
  3. Weird...I get mine every month, and there are usually a few months in between, where I don't buy anything. Hope I don't stop getting mine in the summer this year!
  4. I got every single PCE last year. This year nothing. Called CS and asked if I have one in the system for the next one and answer was "no".
    It's their loss though, I planned to purchase couple of more bags in March but I won't buy anything without PCE.
  5. for some reason, i haven't received any pce's via email in a while - it's been about 4 months. i used to get every pce by email and mail. i also used to receive very regular emails with new releases, but haven't even received a new release email since december. maybe it's a gmail issue? i had an issue back in december where i couldn't remember my coach.com password, would request a reset by email, and that email would show up hours later.the only emails i've received in the past 3 months have been a tracking number in december when i ordered a gift for a friend and a tracking number about a month ago when i ordered my borough.

    i have been receiving pce's regularly in the mail, so i guess i shouldn't complain - though that recent email 30% off pce would have been nice!
  6. I didn't get a pce in the mail or email this time, but I just got a call from my local store and I'm still on the list. She didn't know why I didn't receive the email.
  7. Same here. Have been getting them for about two years - every single one was either sent to me, emailed, or I got a phone call from the store, or sometimes all three! The last one I got was in December - I think it ended on the 31st, after that - nothing. I emailed and was first given the "marketing decides who gets them, we can give you their contact info, etc. etc." I emailed back and said that's great, but I really am just looking for a yes or no answer here because she never said, and she confirmed, no I was not scheduled to receive them and they do not have any additional to give me.

    I didn't use them that frequently, and if I did was just calling or placing an online order because I rarely go to the mall with the fp store because it is further away than my regular mall. So maybe that could be it, but I have a hard time believing there is a rhyme or reason to it, or if there is a reason they apply it with blanket logic that may not be applicable for the people who are being affected. I also won't be buying anything without a PCE, so I'm probably done for awhile with Coach. Someone did share a $100 off $300 with me, and hopefully if I want something in the future, someone will help me again, but if not it's probably for the best.. I just got engaged so now I have a wedding to pay for, so thanks for helping me save, coach! :lol:

  8. Congrats on your engagement!

    Mine was the same situation it seems and I got the same message but it's frustrating because I was really loyal ... To the point that the SA's were calling to give me a heads up when they were coming and then that turned off like the emails.

    My cousin offered to share but like many have said, it's left me feeling a bit off Coach and there are always other things to spend on :smile:
  9. same here.. they stop giving me the code.. i received last october.. how to make them send to us again? :sad:
  10. Same here, but I have no intention of asking them why. If I wasn't buying with PCE I'm sure as heck not buying FP!
  11. I've been getting the PCE for the last few years, but recently they stopped sending them to me. The last PCE I received was in December. Not sure what's going on with them. When I complained last month to the SA about it, she looked up my name and said everything looked fine, but I was not scheduled for PCE. The manager said they are sending the PCE to fewer people, that some would get it one time, and not the next time. I said that wasn't right, to exclude people, and if they wanted fewer people to buy with PCE, then they shouldn't send them out as often.

    I've used just about every PCE sent to me, though I've seldom bought anything without it. Maybe they are trying to get us used to buying without it, but it's a turn off to me. If I don't get the PCE, I'll wait and buy at the outlet, better price anyway.

    Luckily a nice TPF member shared her's with me last time I needed it.
  12. After all that with the SA convincing me that I should have gotten the PCE email at least a week ago, I got the email today saying I'm getting the PCE tomorrow. I guess Coach still loves me. I hope they still will after I don't buy anything for a few months.
  13. *fingers crossed* for you but they seem so fickle with their love these days ;)

    Follow up info though...I still haven't received this PCE but decided I was not too upset with Coach to go without the Vachetta Borough that I had somehow missed in my weeks away from the forums and called to see if it was still available...there was one left in stock so while ordering it over the phone I decided to ask about the PCE status again and this SA was nicer and said she could see all my purchase history and that everything still looked totally fine on my account BUT that she also noticed that I did "quite a bit" of shopping in FOS and that often they target their FP shoppers with the PCE's. I thought it was funny because I have ordered exactly two things from FOS EVER but interestingly they were both around the holidays so perhaps that really was why I wasn't on the list this go round. Now with ordering the Borough we'll see if it puts me back on the list!
  14. I was totally shocked to call home to check on the mail and my husband told me I had a PCE from Coach. I have not received one since November of 2012. I remember because that's my birthday month and I treated myself to a purse. A co-worker who gets them all the time and every e-mail from FOS has been giving me hers this entire time.

    The only thing I can think of that I've done is filled out a Preferred Customer card at a Men's Factory Outlet store. I met a nice SA and we started chatting and he asked me to fill one out. This was back in January............but I have been buying Coach for years....mostly from the Factory Store and FOS.
  15. I've done a lot of shopping on FOS and I get the PCE. You would think they would want to entice FOS shoppers to shop FP. I've also done a lot of returns. I figure any day now Coach will figure out that I'm not the ideal customer and cut me off.