Has anyone still seen any of the camelia jewelry?

  1. I've been looking for either the cuff in the white/gold or the ring or any of the other jewelry in this line, can anybody help. If you've seen it somewhere, chanel boutique, Saks, neiman, anywhere. HELP!!!
  2. I saw the necklace at NM in Palo Alto, CA (Stanford) on Monday.
  3. anybody else seen any of the camelia jewelry, please, would love to get the cuff.
  4. Eek no..:tdown: I was looking for the ring myself but am on a jewelry ban for now. I checked both my Saks and NM and so far, nothing...just your run-of-the-mill costume jewelry.

    I'll keep my eyes opened for ya though.
  5. thanks, hope we'll get lucky and find it.
  6. Nordstrom Mall of America currently has the following camelia jewelry: Broach, Ring, Belt.