Has anyone started their Christmas wish list?

  1. LOL I know it is so early (I live in AZ and it is 110 degrees outside right now!!) but for some reason I am already making my Christmas wish list. I looooove Christmas presents because I feel like I am allowed to ask for extravagent gifts from my fiancee...most of the time, I feel too guilty (although he did buy me an LV for college graduation!!):yes:

    Here is my list so far:

    LV Multicolor compact mirror in white
    Gucci Medium Shoulder tote
    LV Cabas Mezzo Monogram Tote
    LV Porte-Tresor International wallet in damier
    LV Angelique ballet slippers
    Chanel Large Shopper tote

    Has anyone else started making their list???:rolleyes:
  2. Well, I guess I'll start making my list now that you mentioned it! :graucho:

    LV mono or vernis cles
    LV red epi pochette
    LV red epi jasmin
    LV black epi alma
    B-bag black First
    B-bag black City
    B-bag rouge vif First

  3. Oh no, you made me start making a list too :P

    Okay, here's my wish list:

    LV white MC Speedy 30
    LV Koala wallet (either mono or damier)
    LV white MC wapity
    LV monogram pegase 60
    Chanel caviar classic flap (white or black)

    I'm sure the list will get longer as think about it more :P
  4. :shame: yes!!!

    whats on my xmas list?
    - a wooden chest (glory box)
    - a pair of DC skate shoes
    - a couple of pairs of designer jeans
    - LV pochette (monogram or epi)
    - LV BH
    - LV Reade PM
    - Wapity - MC black or monogram or BOTH
    - Balenicaga FIRST Turquoise 05 (i know this will come before the year is over!!!)
    - Balenicaga INK (something!!!) :love:
    - and through in some Chanel pieces too...

    not much, but it will do!
  5. Ha! Ha! Weeks ago! :biggrin:

    Mulberry Phoebe in chestnut.
    Mulberry two-tone Phoebe in chestnut and nude.
    Mulberry Elgin in black.
    Mulberry Elgin in chestnut.
    Mulberry Elgin in olive.
    Mulberry Elgin in chestnut and nude.

    And oh, yes ... Peace on Earth and money for clothes. :shame:
  6. wow......
    I don't get generous gifts like that. The only person who buys me decent gift is my boyfriend. So 1 good gift and that's it. Isn't it sad....
  7. I don't know about the rest of the posters, but just because its on my list doesn't mean I'll get it - LOL! :biggrin: If I get one of those I'll be ecstatic! (Well...two, if you count Peace On Earth).

    Doesn't hurt to make a list, though!
  8. LOL wow, you guys know generous people! I usually ask for one purse and a bunch of books, but I can't even think about Christmas yet!! I have an entire semester of classes and applying to a PhD program before then.

    No rushing that along, I'll cry!
  9. -LV wapity (I'll have someone else make the decision for me since I can't decide which one I want!!)
    -Chanel earrings
    -Coach Hamptons Tote
    -Sony PSP
    -Return to Tiffanys bracelet & Tiffany heart earrings (can't remember which one...lol)
    -And then some random DVDs and books :biggrin:

    And it's only June!! I'll prolly buy some of it before xmas, but, right now, this is my list!
  10. my christmas wish list is easy...
    gray chanel reissue
    white chanel classic flap
  11. Good grief, I haven't started to think about Christmas lists yet - it's not even officially summer yet, lol! Too early! :smile:
  12. :biggrin: I love this question! I start thinking about which bag I want for the upcoming Christmas soon after the previous one! (My birthday is three days after Christmas, so it's a once-a-year thing.)

    I would LOVE a rouge vif Balenciaga bag, and a Chanel re-issue. I would love a lot of other bags too, but if I keep the list short, I have a better chance of getting at least 50% of what's on it!
  13. I can't even think about Christmas yet! actually I have started to shop for others bc I always see things I think someone will like...but def no list for me! I usually don't really make one
  14. I can make all the list that I want, but my DH never buys me anything on it!!! No complaints, though, he generally is an amazing gift-giver! The only thing that I really want, and I am working on it right now is a Dior skull ring (thread in the jewelry box)...we have a 10th anniversary, and my b-day before X-mas, so I'll have to wait and see!
  15. Naw... only my dad and bf are generous. Most of the time I get my own Xmas gifts for myself! I'm such a loser. :roflmfao: