Has anyone spotted one of these lately?

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  1. mm kay I'm going to be a nerd and ask for you nice ladies to help me find stuff be it online or in a store! I only have one set of eyes and my brain is on overload after looking thru various forums and sites :lol:

    I haven't used my camo olive mamma mia yet since even tho mamma mia is a nice style I'm more of a dolce, bambinone, or zucca girl! I know the outlets never had the camo olive dolce (when I was looking) so I was hoping someone else has spotted one recently. I know there was one on eBay but I missed it by a few minutes :crybaby: since I'm at work and I've been covering the front desk and helping patrons on and off (I work in a library btw)

    If you don't spot one right away that's fine just let me know when you do!

    Same goes for an arancia bocce (at the right price) and a 8" sahara qee (under $100 shipped if you can find it? I found one at pink ghost but it'd be $110 to ship blah!). I'm getting the red sahara and GID sahara around july/aug and I'd love to have the whole set by then!
  2. i'll keep my eyes open wider! haha :biggrin:!!
  3. :lol: thanks! and likewise if anyone wants my help searching for anything let me know :biggrin:
  4. okay! want to help me look for a men's bastardino tee (preferably white!) in a medium? i would REALLY love to get it for my bf since he loves bastardino just as much as i do! LOL :]!!!

    i was about to get him the bastardino necklace but he was like "..THAT'S FOR GIRLS!" HAHAHAHA! i thought it was funny/
  5. lol... I put the bastardino necklace on my bf... I liked it... he thought it was too girly also :P guys are silly. but yeah I'll definitely keep an eye out for you ;) but was the guy's tee in white? I know the girls was... I thought the guys was blue at most stores
  6. ^aww, thanks! :] i saw that before but it won't let me add to cart? :/!!!! or is it just my computer lol..
  7. how much is the sahara retail?
  8. It retailed around $80 something I think I've only been finding them in the high $90s so they're more than $100 something w/ shipping
  9. how about one of the bastardino charms on a long tiny ball chain (like the kind dog tags come on?)? thats not too girly! :shrugs:
  10. ^that's not a bad idea either! :] he did like that charm also! hmm...!
  11. ladies.. i m also hunting for Paradiso Zucca / BV & Foresta Zucca / BV but i have got a budget that is hopefully i can find it @ less then SGD300 (with shipping included). i know this can be difficult... please do let me know if you happen to come across any.

    btw, what are the prints that you normally lookout for in Paradiso print?
  12. what's that in US$? I'm terrible w/ conversion :lol: and if you're asking what characters we look out for? it's personal preference. I personally like the cloud-making couple!
  13. ohh..i m hoping to find good bargain for the bags @ not more then USD195 (inclusive of shipping to Singapore). i know that can be tough.. but i m on a tight budget now.
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