Has anyone spotted an EB work with RH?

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  1. It would be my first Balenciaga and I LOVE it!!!:love:

    Thank you!:heart:
  2. there's one on Diabro's website right now, but it's over 1800 ....
  3. Yikes! Diabro has gone up a lot lately!

    I got mine at BalLA about 3/4 weeks ago, but I'm not sure if they have any left. BTW, I think you're making a good choice I LOVE :love::heart::love: this bag!!!
  4. BalLA is out of stock. I contacted them yesterday. I love this bag too. The one on diabro looks gorgeous but WAY overpriced!
  5. Thanks everyone for your help. I tried on bags today at NM and they were all out of the EB. I did like the day shape and size alot cause it was comfy on my shoulder and was slouchy. Would a EB Day be a good alternative (if I can find it)?
  6. I don't have a day of my own, but I have tried it on and I want a few! I think its more comfy on the shoulder than the work is IMO.
  7. Shanghai's JOYCE boutique has a wide collection of EBs in RH and GSH. but there's a 17.5% luxury tax.... thts not much help eh?
  8. Aloha rag is still supposed to have one.
  9. Has anyone spotted one of these babies recently :graucho: I'm on the hunt!