Has anyone spotted a tan or choco silverado on sale?

  1. any size or style- except the single handle. I was hoping to find one on sale- good luck... right?

    I passed up a large tan silverado tote at intermix and now I'm kicking myself. :crybaby:
  2. I just purchased a chocolate silverado at traffic boutique in So Cal. I posted the 40% off sale in the deals and steals section. They had a teal and silver, but some others and may possibly have a tan on sale. :idea: It's worth a try!!
    I posted the phone # in the other thread- good luck!
  3. Thanks Rolexgirl- I'll give them a call...
  4. Not sure if you are ok with a metallic, but Tracey Ross has two on sale:

    tracey ross | sale items - all sales are final

    Good luck!!

  5. No. I think this one is two toned. The leather pieces (whipstitch detail, etc) is a dark brown I believe. Mine is the same color all around.... leather and snakeskin.

    I'll be on the lookout for one for you though :flowers:

    They do pop up on ebay every so often!
  6. Lordgunny that's my auction and it's for sale in the MP here too. Just to clarify, it isn't actually two toned - the leather is a deep chocolate and the python is a caramel color - here's a pic so you can check it out. It's the next shade darker than the cognac but very similar. The leather/python on the cognac doesn't match either - there's contrast between the leather and the python color.