Has anyone spotted a Silverado Dr. Bag on sale?

  1. The big one from last fall with the the zip top in either brown or tan. I'm obsessed with this bag and I keep refreshing the NM sale pages, but it never comes up in stock.

    I have the large Silverado hobo in chocolate with the front pockets from NM and I should be happy with it, but somehow I think that the Doctor bag is better.

    I'd totally appreciate any help in tracking this down.
    Or if you think I don't need it- and that the Hobo is better- let me know.
    Thanks in advance!:flowers:
  2. I haven't seen it come up for a while. There have been a few on eBay!
  3. Thanks, green_eggs I'll take a look there :balloon:
  4. if it's the doctor style i'm thinking of the only problem i had is that the straps were a little too short to carry comfortably on my shoulder, and the opening was a little small, the hobo has a longer drop and is much easier to access (so if you're not able to find one maybe that will help)! :angel:

    on the other hand it is a very cool bag!!! :devil:

    so if i see one on sale i'll let you know! :heart:
  5. Oh thanks nycmom- that totally makes me feel better! I'm all about being able to carry a bag on my shoulder as well as hand held.

    I think I'd be happier with my hobo in that case!:smile:
  6. I totally agree. I got this bag and returned it for just those reasons. I absolutely LOVE the hobo bag!!!
  7. I totally agree with the 2 previous posters. I feel as if I have every Chloe bag known to womankind, and I reluctantly passed on the big doctor bag (even in python, heresy of all heresies!) because the straps were too short to comfortably wear on the shoulder and I was awkward with it any other way.